Surrogacy Thailand

Top Destinations for Third Party Reproduction

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Surrogacy is an infertility treatment where a woman carries and delivers a child for another person or couple. The uniqueness of surrogacy in Thailand is that it still fulfills the desire of the couple to be involved in the pregnancy and have their own children.

Thailand encompasses world class medical facilities that support Surrogacy in Thailand.

The availability and affordability is unparalleled. Surrogacy providers in Thailand attract international flare from US and UK couples alike. For intended parents, you will have the advantage of a dedicated team combined with access to a larger database of prospective surrogates. The overwhelming availability of local surrogate mothers can reduce costs such as travel expenses.

Sights to See Thailand

Explore the pristine beaches and clear seas in sheer style. The rich culture, glitzy shopping arenas, and impressive sights take you to a world of your own.

Get a taste of Wat Pho, the oldest and largest temple in Bangkok. Explore Buddha's statue at an enormous 49ft in the air.

Explore the charming Vimanmek Palace, which was once a royal summer retreat that was restored in 1900.

Ride in style with a train trip across the notorious River Kwai Bridge at Kanchanaburi, built by Allied prisoners under the direction of the Japanese during WWII.

Cost of Surrogacy Thailand

Thailand offers technologically advanced options for surrogacy and provides top IVF experts, backed by affordable surrogacy arrangement.

Seeking surrogacy can be a difficult and exasperating experience, emotionally and sometimes financially draining. Surrogacy providers in Thailand work hard to make every phase of the process — from diagnosis to costs– as predictable and comfortable as possible.