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The Orphan Advocates International is a non profit organization that find homes for orphans abroad by looking for families that are willing to adopt. Did you know there are over 500,000 orp...

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    Juliet, Surrogate Mother Dear Cherie, Your post is very touching, But like you said, surrogacy is expensive. 9 months is not 9 days. The surro sort of stops living for almost a year, thats why the money reward must be substantial. It must be worth the stress and the pain experienced in the labour room. Thats why the standard fee is from $25,000 upwards. It has to be worth it for anyone going down that painful road. I am sorry to say, but at up to $5000, no one will consider you. see comment
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    Juliet, Surrogate Mother Someone willing to help but does not cost thousands of pounds. What do you think the journey should cost, thousands of pennies? You have been down the road and you have seen how difficult and painful it is to bring a child into the world, yet you are looking for someone to do it for you for free. You are surely not serious. Go and do it yourself. see comment