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EggHelpers staff have been working with Sacred Pregnancy, learning everything we can, to support our Surrogates, and Intended parents in the most sacred and beautiful way possible, as they m...

my sweet memory

my sweet memory

by Rachael -

Me and my son

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    Joanne, Intended Parent Hi Lauren... I have just been introduced to these boards and found you. We are super newbies to the Indi pages. Hope you don't mind me messaging you ... I'm so not sure what the etiquette is on getting chatting and how you approach anyone 😊 ... We are unmatched GS IP's and have been with SUK for 12 months, we were teamed with a surrogate however, really sadly, her and her partner have separated a few months ago, she doesn't know where her head is (understandably) and we have decided not to be a further burden on her and therefore we are now in need to start a new team again :0) We were planned to have embryo transfer literally the week after she told us, she was on her 2nd lot of medication, the first lot wasn't optimum. All a bit sad but onwards and upwards. We have two embryos after IVF before treatment for breast cancer 3 years ago. We'd like to try with our two embryos and then if that fails we'll get donor eggs. My cancer was oestrogen positive so a no no to be pregnant myself. I have a gorgeous 19 year old daughter but I remarried 6 years ago and we always wanted to have a child together. To be fair distance is no object for us, we have always stated we'd go anywhere to meet the right person ... it's all about the relationship with the surrogate and her family first and foremost. Anyway feel I've rambled on ... Would be lovely to get chatting and make new friends and contacts xx see comment
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    Sarah, Surrogate Mother Hello, I am available for traditional surrogacy. Please contact me to discuss details. Thanks! :) see comment