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first time on this site, so i'm a little nervous, please no bashing. my husband and i can't have kids. we tried adoption, its so expensive for newborns. older kids are easier to adopt, which...

My husband and I live in San Francisco Bay Area. We've been married for 9 years, but no kids yet. Our IVF clinic is here too. We just did an IVF cycle, and got 5 beautiful day 5 frozen embry...

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    Cassandra, Intended Parent sorry i didnt mean to post it yet, my husband works in a jail for now, going to be a cop soon after a few months of training, and im a caregiver on weekends. we own a home and our own vehicles, imy husband and i have been trying to have kids for years but im just flat out infertile. we were going to do foster care, but i get too attached and plus i grew up with foster kids and it really hurts when dhs shows up to take them away and take them back home. anywho, im very very interested if you would give my husband and i a chance, im not sure how often i will be on here, but my facebook name is Cassandra Terry, profile pic is of me and my husband and my cover photo has my dog, if you could please get ahold of me if you decide to or even want to talk about it, thanks :) see comment
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    Cassandra, Intended Parent hello, im new to this site, litterally just signed up. my husband and i are looking to adopt but its so expensive. we can well provide a loving home and family, and would more than willing to let you be apart of the babys life, see comment