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Surrogate mother

Surrogate mother

by westly -

I am a surrogate mother interested persons should contact me

TS mother iin Los Angeles

TS mother iin Los Angeles

by jesse -

Hello We are happily married north Indian couple in LA. We have 3 beautiful smart healthy kids. Now we want to help someone else too. We are not familiar with any part of surrogacy. This w...

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    samantha, Intended Parent Hello Sheron! My husband and I are very interested in giving your child a loving and stable home! Please contact me at samantha.rafford19@yahoo.com so that we can talk more. Thank you so much for your time! God bless! see comment
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    Chris, Intended Parent Hey I think it's amazing what you are wanting to do for couples you are very blessed with ur kids me and my partner marry this year and hope to get started with a surrogate next year I'm from Ireland he is from Alabama I hope maybe one day you get to help people like us ;) see comment