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by Alexandra -

Hello I am Alexandra o grew up in Miami fl, I am 23 years old. I would love to help those of you that are not able to convince

goft giving

goft giving

by Lana -

I have had 2 amazimg healthy children with 2 great pregnancies and deliveries. I am hoping to help give a couple the gift of life.

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    Law Offices of Amy Demma, Surrogacy Lawyer To the comment regarding the original publication of my "Feelings of Motherhood" post, yes...I did write the blog several years ago and I regularly share it with new communities w/which I become engaged. I am very proud of this blog, it is one of the most personal writings I have shared and I regularly get feedback that readers find something of comfort in it. If I misunderstood and only recent blog posts were to be posted here, I appreciate being so informed...just say the word, administrators. I don't think I misrepresented the original publication date. I chose this post because it is truly a reflection of the heart I bring to my work. I hope it is received as such. I wish the person who commented my very best on whatever journey you are on. see comment
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    Anonymous, Intended Parent Ms. Demma has been recycling this piece for several years. see comment