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Asherman's Syndrome

Asherman's Syndrome

by sasha -

When doctor tells me that I got Asherman's syndrome and impossible to get pregnancy again, my world is trembling. I was raised in a huge family with 3 brothers and sister. We used to play a ...

Surrogate needed

Surrogate needed

by Paul -

The category and subject say it all

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    Creative Family Connections, Surrogacy Agency Hi Lisa - I am sorry this happened with your application. If we had Intended Parents that had the same views, and if you passed all of our other screening requirements - I do not see any reason why you would have been turned down. Often we will keep applications on file for women that feel the same way as you for when we do have Intended Parents with the same view points. Unfortunately, this simply does not happen very often. If you would ever like to reapply - we would welcome your application. see comment
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    Lisa, Surrogate Mother Because I was against termination for Down syndrome and would not have a reduction unless my life or babies life was in danger this Agency would not work with me. Even if they had IPS that felt the same way. They still said NO. just a thought to the agency not everyone is PRO CHOICE see comment