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We are looking for Asian Donors and Surrogates as we have had an overwhelming cry for help. We truly appreciate wonderful young women like you who are willing to help hopeful intended parent...

Hello. We are Georgian. Recently established Reproductive health center of Chachava Clinic is modern fertility unit, staffed by highly trained professionals from Turkey, providing patients...

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    Surrogacy Laws India, Surrogacy Lawyer Dear Jen, If you wish to adopt a child from India. You may do so by reading about all the prerequisites on http://www.cara.nic.in/. India has less legal hurdles erected in terms of adoption as well. If you have any doubts with regards to this please feel free to write to us on info@surrogacylawsindia.com see comment
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    Surrogacy Laws India, Surrogacy Lawyer Dear Erica, Charging of compensation/fees for acting as SM is a subjective question and much of it would depend upon the country you chose. Since we are practicing in India hence in India the average compensation would be something around INR3,00,000- INR 4,00,000 . see comment