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Surrogacy and Egg Donation Center Georgia , Surrogacy Agency
Surrogacy and Egg Donation center "Happy Family" is one of the most successful agencies in Caucasus region, existing on the market for 6 years. The company's founder has more than 10 years experience in this field. As part of our service, we offer to our patient's premium IVF clinic and help them find the right surrogate and egg donor. We lead all the process, from the beginning until our patients return home with their new babies. We cooperate with all in vitro clinics in and outside of Georgia. The company has own lawyers who solves absolutely all questions relating to patients. ("Happy Family" has very good reputation, never heaving problems of any cases). Our main target is always to have satisfied patients and we do care for their maximum comfort. During the whole pregnancy, we support 24/7 communication with patients. The company has professional staff fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian, if the patient does not speak any of these languages, the company provides an interpreter in the required language. The services provided by the company also include pick up from the airport, provision of hotel, apartment and transport, visit of clinics and also touristic services upon request. What are our advantages? One of our biggest advantages is our database of Surrogate Mothers and Egg Donors. Before we add them in our base, they have procedure list, pass testing with psychologist, medical check ups etc. All donors are educated and they lead a healthy lifestyle. Relying on the results of studies, the number of their follicles varies have to be from 18 to 27, what is considered an excellent result. We are very proud that as a result of our hard working, over the 3 200 children were born. Another reason, why patients choose Georgia as a country where they will pass through the surrogacy journey, is ease of execution of documents. The procedure for issuing a birth certificate is simple and does not require the hiring of additional lawyers. Parents will have the right to withdraw their child to their country at any time, after the issuance of the child's born certificate. Preparation process from a distance - how does it work? The first communication with the patient is via e-mail. We answer your questions, providing all necessary information and for next step, we can go for further actions. After selection of donors and Surrogate Mother, we carefully select donors, corresponding to the patient request and characterization. The final stage is the preparation for the arrival of patients which includes: Coordination of organizational matters with clinic Preparation of all necessary documents Preparation of Egg Donor and Surrogate Mother (synchronization of their cycles) If the donor is the patient himself, it is possible to start preparing for the puncture remotely, that is, to begin stimulation before arriving, on the recommendation of our doctor. Pick up at the Airport and provision of hotel if needed. When the patient arrives, the process begins immediately Depending on the requested package; the process lasts no more than 5 days. We don't have a waiting list! We offer conditions and service according to patients allowance and there possibility. The Countries where most of our patients come from are: USA, Israel. Spain, Japan, Australia, China, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Kuwait, Italy, Romania, Hungary. ... Read more
Adaeze Faith, Surrogate Mother
please contact me via my profile...regards ... Read more