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I am hoping to become a gestational surrogate
by stephenie - January 19th, 2018
Photo of me and my beautiful baby girl who is now one years old. My baby was conceived the first time TTC with my ex fiance who i am no longer in a relationship with, she was my first and only pre...Read more
Looking for a Surrogate
by Theresa - January 19th, 2018
Hi all, my husband and I are looking for a surrogate mother willing and ready to start as soon as possible. I have three children of my own but none with my husband. We have had multiple surgeries and...Read more

Blog comments

Jennifer, Surrogate Mother
Hello, my name is Jennifer Williams, I live in Bakersfield, CA. I am a gestational surrogate, and I am looking for IP's who are in need of a gestational surrogate. If so, I am available to work with. I have been currently working with someone, but we have not signed a contract to start working, actually we have not done anything yet, as for working towards me helping he person conceive a child. So I am officially still available, If you are interested. Now, I just want to let you know, I am not a traditional surrogate and I do not donate my eggs. So if you have a egg donor, already, or you are using your own egg, then I will be happy to help you in starting your family. Please message me on the site. Compensation I am asking $40,000. ... Read more
Zoey, Surrogate Mother
Hello! I've gone through your profile and you sound like just the people I am looking for. I'm an independent surrogate living in Washington, who is looking to pursue surrogacy to pay for some or all of my nursing school. I'm also an avid lover of Harry Potter and DnD, so we have some easy ways to bond in common! Feel free to check out my profile and message me there, or at 360 857 8077 if on-site messaging won't work. ... Read more