What is an IVF Transfer?

Guide to IVF

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The embryo transfer procedure takes place two to five days after the donor or Intended Mothers eggs have been collected and fertilized. Embryo transfers generally take about 30 minutes.

The surrogate may be given a medication in pill form to assure relaxation. The embryo transfer is executed with a catheter interleaved vaginally into the uterus concluded to the cervix.

Surrogates are typically required to stay and repose for roughly 1 hour ensuing the transfer procedure. The Surrogate should have someone accessible to drive her home and may also be required to stay on bed rest, which is usually between 24-72 hours. This decision will ultimately be decided by the IVF doctor.

All hospital expenditures will be covered by the Intended Parents.

After the embryo transfer the Surrogate Mothers activity may be limited. These limitations will be indomitable by the doctor and the legal stipulations with the Intended Parents.