What Is The Luteal Phase?

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Following infertility treatment, there’s the inescapable two week wait.

What is the Luteal Phase?

This is the stressful time in advance of taking the pregnancy test. With successful treatments, the body has already begun encountering some changes; some obvious, others unnoticeable.

Impossible to feel the changes within the uterus itself, substantial body alarms are set off, both emotional and physical.

Supporting the fetal development, massive hormonal impulses take place during the luteal phase. If you’re predominantly in tune with your body you will feel the effects of this rush within the first few days of conception.

You will notice an increase in urination and fatigue and a result of higher levels of progesterone. Progesterone breaks the digestive track down and leads to bloating.

Symptoms include pressure headaches from amplified blood volume with slight dizziness typically attacking a few more weeks into pregnancy. Body temperature will begin to rise and fluctuate during ovulation, and is slightly elevated during the luteal phase. Dramatic mood swings are evident.

Whether or not conception has transpired, this waiting period is often quite stressful and uncomfortable.