Guide to Choosing an Egg Donor for Gay Males

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Developments in technology have amplified the range of options for gay males to build a family.

Gay males can now choose egg donation and Surrogacy as exceptional paths to parenthood.

What Factors do We Consider When Choosing an Egg Donor?

Known Egg Donor

This may be someone you know, such as a family member or friends.

Anonymous Donor

You can choose to work through an agency or fertility clinic. In traditional surrogacy, the Surrogate Mother is both the carrier and the egg donor by artificial insemination (instead of IVF). When gestational surrogacy is implicated, a donor egg is produced.

Personal characteristics typically reflect on: blood type, height, weight, hair color, eye color, age, religion, ethnicity, and education, availability for additional donations, profession, special interests, and talents.

The alternatives medical technology offered to gay males demands making fundamental decisions. Intended parents need to determine what suits their specific position as they take a leap into a Surrogacy Journey.