Questions to Ask the Intended Parents

Guide for Surrogate Mothers

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There are many questions you can ask Intended Parents to find the right match.

Important Questions to Focus On

  • What are your reasons for needing a Surrogate Mother?
  • What kind of relationship do you expect from me…before, during and after birth?
  • What are your expectations for the birth?
  • How many IVF cycles will you attempt in order to conceive a child?
  • What are your thoughts on abortion? Under what circumstances do you feel that it is necessary?
  • What feelings do you harbor in becoming potential parents of twins?
  • Do you want your Surrogate Mother to provide breast milk for the baby?
  • Do you have Medical Insurance that covers Surrogacy?

There are plenteously of potential Intended Parents whom wish you may feel are right for you. Take your time with the matching process and become comfortable in the selection process during your surrogate motherhood journey.

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