Is the Surrogate Mother Compensated?

Guide For Intended Parents

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Yes, the Surrogate Mother is compensated through Commercial Surrogacy. The fees paid are dependent on which surrogacy proivider you proceed with as there is no customary fee when it comes to how much money a Surrogate Mother is paid.

The costs are estimated, as each state of affairs is different depending on the individuals involved.

What Fees are Associated with Surrogacy Arrangements?

Initial Fees

Initial fees are associated to surrogacy mostly include fees related to medical screening and embryo transfer. The surrogate fee schedule embraces compensation for any lost wages, daycare or housekeeping services obligatory during required bed rest.

Extra Expenses

Extra expenses are linked to maternity clothing or insurance coverage.

Procedure Expenses

Procedure expenses are connected to Cesarean delivery or any other invasive procedures the Surrogate Mother may endure. Multiple pregnancies necessitate additional fees.

Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneious fees are linked to group and/or individual counseling.