Is the Exit Hard for a Surrogate Mother?

Guide for Surrogate Mothers

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The EXIT…defined as going away or out.

A Surrogate Mother can truly find her voice at this stage of the Surrogacy Journey. A Surrogate Mother definitively and gracefully defies us all with her exit. Many individuals hold strong opinions about Surrogacy, and Surrogate Mothers, specifically, regardless of how knowledgeable of Surrogacy they might be. Justly, it is hard for an outsider to understand. Every Surrogate Mother approaches her Surrogacy exit a different way.

First things first, it's not the Surrogate's baby. Moreover, it's not about the Surrogate, it's about helping someone else to have a family; the very thing that is already the center of the Surrogates life. And most importantly Surrogate Mothers have had time to reflect and are educated within their own pregnancies.

A Surrogate Mother carries confidence in her decision to ultimately help someone’s dream come true and she understands the leaps she would bound to if she had been unable to have her own children.

Is It Hard?

Emotions are always involved but detachment is the unselfish and empathetic qualities of a Surrogate Mother to begin with.

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