Does the Surrogate Mother Have Any Legal Rights?

Guide for Surrogate Mothers

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A number of important concerns lie at the heart of the ethics and legal rights of the Surrogate Mother.

It is beneficial to be well knowledgeable of your rights before shaping if becoming a Surrogate Mother is right for you. Pursuing legal counsel is a necessity to reaching this goal. Becoming familiar of your rights as well as the rights of the Intended Parents can play a vital role in the Surrogacy Journey.

Once the legal agreement is entered, there is no room for error. The lawyer can assist in defining your rights, prior to any legalities being put on paper.

Defending Your Rights

  • -Surrogate compensation including medical expenses should be closely be examined
  • -Abdication of parental privileges
  • -Additional Legal matters agreed upon by all parties
  • -Choice of counseling or indifferent expenses
  • -Privacy Concerns