Does an Egg Donor have Restrictions?

Guide for Egg Donors

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While on medications, there are restrictions the egg donor must shadow.

Can I Engage in Sexual Activity?

The egg donor is exceedingly fertile and it is crucial for the egg donor to abstain from all sexual activity. If the egg donor becomes pregnant or develops a sexual disease while on medications, the cycle will be cancelled as the legal contract will have been broken.

The egg donor will be obligated to recompense all costs the recipient couple incurred for the screening, travel, and medications. Normal sexual activity may start again 8-10 days after the retrieval after which the donor’s menstrual cycle starts.

What Medications Do I Have to Stop Taking?

The donor should not consume any medications that the IVF doctor did not recommend. The donor must terminate alcohol intake.

Additional medications or alcohol may have a large bearing on the effectiveness of the stimulation medications, which in turn can ultimately affect not only the measure, but the overall egg count and the resulting embryos.

The egg donor will be in breach of contract if alcohol or any non-prescribed drugs are consumed during the medication stage.

Egg donor cycles are generally free of impediments, but if you do experience any issues resultant of taking medications prescribed by the IVF doctor immediately notify the doctor and the IVF clinic.

Failure to do so or prolonging the matter could result in severe complications. Your health and well-being is the most important factor to consider.