What Medical Tests Does a Surrogate Mother Undertake?

Guide for Surrogate Mothers

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Potential Surrogate Mothers agree to a series of tests prior to the embryo transfer.

What Testing is Required to become a Surrogate Mother?

Hysteroscopy/HCG-Determines clear passage of fallopian tubes; size and shape of the uterus.

Infectious Disease Exam-Certifies absence of contagious diseases present

Mock Cycle-Determines how the uterine linings will react to hormone replacements (estrogen)

Pap Smear- Prominent to a healthy uterus.

Physical Exam-Filtering physiological barriers that may impede the pregnancy.

Trial Transfer-Encompasses the length of the uterus gage the placement of the catheter, which contains the embryos

Psychological Testing-Leaks the honest impulse, assertiveness, and overall promises along the journey.