What if Both of Us Want to Have a Biological Connection?

Gay Surrogacy for Men

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Gay male couples who want to have children will need an egg donor, but who will provide the sperm?

Gay Male couples have options if both partners want a biological connection to the child.

Depending on the clinic, an option to combine the sperm of each partner with dispersed sets of the donor’s eggs is a probability.

Typically this result in twins, each genetically linked to the Surrogate Mother, and two Dads. When one child is born, DNA tests will be needed to define who the genetic father is.

It is also possible for one male to seek a female relative to function as the egg donor. The eggs would then be fertilized with the sperm of the opposite partner. Resultant, the baby would be biologically related to both partners.

Having Two Babies with Gay Surrogacy

The most common option for gay male couples is to have two children. One, with the sperm of the first male partner, and the second conceived with the other partner's sperm.

This option gives a biological connection to one child, and the children would be related to each other through their shared biological mother.