Sex Selection Process

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What is Microsort for Gender Selection?

MicroSort is an elite predetermination sperm sorting process, developed by the Genetics & IVF Institute (GIVF). It was created for the intensification to the probability of conceiving a child of a specific gender.

During the Microsort process sperm is identified with a fluorescent dye. The dye assigns itself to the “female” X chromosome and the “male” Y chromosome. The X chromosomes will absorb more dye than causing the sperm to luminous more brightly than the sperm with the Y chromosomes.

The difference is detected by flow cytometry as the chromosomes are separated.

Sperm is arranged by X (female) related sperm and Y (male) related sperm. Only the sperm that contains the chromosome for the chosen gender is fertilized with the eggs.

Microsort Advances the Chances of Gender Selection

Female selection  — 90%

Male selection — 85%

Gender selection with Microsort is presently on pause in US clinics until an FDA permitted clinical trial has been concluded.

Microsort in India is utilized by various infertility clinics with fully equipped K-systems.

Gender selection is illegal in Canada and Great Britain, however readily an option in some countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.