Unsuccessful IVF Attempts

Guide to IVF

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While we certainly do hope that your first IVF attempt is the beggining of your new family, there is a small chance that the IVF attempt may be unsuccessful.

But do not panic — there are solutions.

If the first IVF attempt should be unsuccessful there are promptly two solutions that the IVF clinic can put into place.

What Solutions do we have after a Failed IVF Attempt?

Solution One

If a couple has outstanding embryos from the first attempt, a FET (frozen embryo transfer) is the preeminent solution. This solution can be organized from home and does not require you to revisit the clinic. If you did not have extra frozen embryos, you would essentially have redo the entire process of IVF for egg retrieval.

The entire amount payable for Surrogacy would not be charged as the majority of payments are usually due once the fetal heartbeat is detected. The cost of further attempts will depend on the clinic you proceed with.

Solution Two

Intended Parents have to take into consideration an egg donor (or genetic mother must pursue stimulation again).