How Many Babies Were Born From IVF?

Guide to IVF

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The country with the highest percentage of IVF (in vitro fertilization) births is Greece, where about 1 in 17 babies are conceived from IVF.

Next is Israel, where about 1 in 24 births are conceived by IVF.

Denmark, Slovenia and Belgium follow with 1 in 27 births conceived by IVF.

IVF Births Soaring with Advanced Fertility Medicine

The first IVF birth-Louise Brown, born in 1978 in Manchester, UK. Louise’s parent, Lesley and John, knew the IVF method was new to medicine, the doctors did not tell them that it had not yet resulted in a child carried to full term. Louise gave birth to her own son naturally in 1999.


More than three million IVF births since 1978.