What Happens After the Baby is Born?

Guide for Intended Parents

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After the exciting birth of the baby, the Intended Parents are responsible for everything associated with the baby. From the last financial payment and legal proceedings to changing diapers and breastfeeding, the next chapter of your lives is at your FINGERTIPS.

Intended Parents are required to attend the birth except in unexpected early circumstances of a live birth, in which case the Intended Parents should reach the hospital as soon as possible.

What Happens after the Birth of Our Baby?

You should expect to take the baby home when released by the hospital. Any final payments from expenses will be compensated to the Surrogate Mother conferring to the legal contract.

Your attorney will make all the necessary legal preparations for the baby's birth. A court proceeding may be essential to institute the parentage of the child as intended. Your attorney will prepare all the necessary legal paperwork.

It is possible that the Surrogate Mother could attend court proceedings to dismiss her parental privileges. The precise practice depends on the laws in your state.

The relationship between you and the Surrogate Mother does not have to end as soon as the baby is born. The relationship can build for many years to come or end as the Surrogacy Journey ends. This is completely up to you and the Surrogate Mother.