Cost of Gestational Surrogacy

Guide For Intended Parents

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Increasingly, individuals and couples world-wide are turning to Gestational Surrogacy as a “lifesaving” resource to BUILD a family. Let's take a look at the inside costs behind Surrogacy Arrangements.

What are the Costs of Gestational Surrogacy?

Gestational Surrogacy costs will depend on which clinic or surrogacy provider you proceed with as the cost of using a gestational carrier varies widely.

If you arrange a Surrogacy contract through an agency, it can easily add up to $40,000, with $10,000 to $20,000 compensated to the surrogate. The estimated costs vary due to each arrangement’s specific circumstances.

Surrogacy Fees invite legal and agency expenses. Additional fees cover the Surrogate Mothers prenatal care, testing and delivery expenses are paid for by the Intended Parents.

Multiples, maternity clothing, insurance, medical emergencies, higher doses of IVF drugs, selective reduction, and egg or sperm donor fees are also additional.

Our Surrogacy Payment Process Example can give you detailed estimated cost of Gestational Surrogacy.