Pregnancy Weight Gain and Diet

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Gaining the unwarranted pregnancy weight- how much weight should I gain during my pregnancy?

To calculate your BMI

Find your BMI range to see if your weight gain is on track.

   BMI                       WEIGHT GAIN

Below 18.5                    28 to 40 pounds

18.5-24.9                       25 to 35 pounds

25.0-29.9                      15 to 25 pounds

Above 30.0                    11 to 20 pounds

Expecting Twins            37 to 54 pounds

 How is my diet divided between the two of us?

Doctors cannot simply pinpoint what nutrients are for you and the baby. The baby’s nourishment is provided from your diet and the nutrients already deposited in your bones and tissues.

Inadequate nutrition during pregnancy may have lifelong effects on a baby's overall health.

The baby's health and growth is directly related to you. Filling up on nutrients is critical and when you're tempted to eat for two keep in mind that you are nutrients are more important than the intake amount.