What Happens After I'm Matched with the Intended Parents?

Guide for Surrogate Mothers

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After you are successfully matched with an Intended Parent, a surrogacy legal agreement will be conscripted and reviewed by all parties. The agreement will cover issues such as compensation, legal requirements of the Surrogate Mother, sacrifice of the child, and overall expectations.

Do I need to have a Surrogacy Lawyer?

If you choose to select your own legal representation, the Intended Parents' attorney becomes the drafting attorney; your attorney is then the reviewing attorney. The Intended Parents recompense for an attorney to review the agreement with you. Once each party has agreed to the terms of the agreement and all expectations are clearly defined, it will be signed. The agency will then begin additional medical testing.

Medications cannot originate until all parties have signed the legal agreement. A letter or phone call is conducted by the drafting attorney to inform the doctor that legal consent has been established and the cycle can begin.