Where Does the Surrogate Mother Live While Pregnant?

Guide for Intended Parents

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Surrogate Mothers play a critical starring role and great responsibility throughout the pregnancy. The Surrogate Mother vital priority is remaining healthy and giving not only the baby, but herself to the best possible balances of a successful birth.

It is also critical that the Surrogate Mother be in a stable and healthy environment to enlist this.

The acclaimed benefit for Surrogate Mothers entering a Surrogacy agreement enables her to stay home with her own children and family for the duration of the pregnancy.

The relationship that builds between you and the Surrogate Mother beyond this distance is an important subject to discourse with your Surrogate Mother.

Where will the Surrogate Birth Take Place?

Your Surrogate Mother will deliver the baby at a hospital that is indigenous to her home unless it is otherwise specifically stated in the contract as to where the birth will take place.  

It is highly suggested that the same doctor or hospital is utilized for the pregnancies of her own children. If this cannot be accommodated, the fertility clinic will typically assist you with locating another obstetrician, specialist and/or hospital closest to her home.