Gay Surrogacy vs Adoption

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Gay Surrogacy is the perfect concept for individuals to reflect on when they want to have a child. Gay couples pursue surrogacy as they want to have children but are incapable of having biological children.

Why Does Surrogacy's Have the Edge on Adoption?

Surrogacy Embraces Genetic Bond

Gay individuals and couples find it is most desirable to have a genetic link to the child, and surrogacy provides them with this opportunity. Surrogacy also allows you to decide the genetics that are passed along to the child.

Surrogacy Channels a One-on-One perspective

Gay individuals and couples are drawn to the fact that surrogacy is further one-on-one than adoption. They can establish a relationship with the Surrogate Mother, create a biological concrete bond and lay a good foundation for the child to be born into the world. This also allows them to be a part of the entire pregnancy process from beginning to end.

Surrogacy is Consistent

When compared to the success rates of gay adoption; gay surrogacy has a higher level of outcome. In the adoption stages, there is no set child selected, and things can occur to which the end result is no child. However, surrogacy is an agreement from the beginning and the result typically embraces a child being born without complications.

Gay Surrogacy Presents Options

Surrogacy allows lesbian parents or gay male parents many options relating to the child. Unlike adoption, option include traditional or gestational surrogacy, how their child is conceived and how the Surrogate relationship progresses.

Adoption and surrogacy are uniquely pleasing ways build families and one is not superior over the other. It is all about what is right for YOU. The risks associated with each, the pros and cons can be debated. However, Intended Parents of all genres have options.

Explore all of your possibilities to determine what you are most comfortable with. You have many options including International adoption to Embryo adoption.