How Are Surrogates Compensated?

Guide for Surrogate Mothers

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Compensation for Surrogate Mothers can depend on whether you are a first time Surrogate Mother.

First time Surrogates receive a base fee plus additional money for expenses which includes maternity clothing allowance, lost wages, daycare or housekeeping services, procedure expenses, and counseling fees.

Repeat surrogates can receive a base fee of approximately $10-30,000 higher, plus additional money for additional expenses included above.

Although the fees paid are dependent on which clinic you proceed with there is no customary fee when it comes to how much money a Surrogate Mother is paid. The costs are estimated, as each state of affairs is different depending on the individuals involved.

When are the fees paid?

Surrogate Mother Compensation is generally paid in monthly installments throughout the pregnancy through an escrow account. The balance of the arranged compensation is usually paid when a fetal heartbeat by ultrasound is confirmed.