Egg Retrieval Definition

Guide for Egg Donors

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The egg retrieval is a unique and short process. Once the eggs reach their mature level, you will return to the cycling doctor for the egg retrieval process.

The egg retrieval procedure is typically less than one hour and requires another one to two hours of recovery time.

The egg retrieval is implemented vaginally with little sedation required, as the eggs are aspirated with an ultrasounic guided tool.

You should have someone take you home from the procedure, and typically rest for the remainder of the day. Cramping and spotting are normal during this process.

Egg Retrieval Process for Egg Donor

  • An ultrasound guided needle is located to the top of the vagina; reaching the ovary and follicles.
  • Fluid is extracted from the follicles through the needle and the eggs release from the follicle wall; suctioned out of the ovary.
  • The oocyte-cumulus composite is drawn from the follicle wall to move the fluid about the needle.
  • The eggs are immediately examined and placed in a special incubator. The sperm and egg are then fertilized in a dish.

If you are traveling for the egg retrieval, expect to be at the cycling facility for approximately 4 - 7 days. This amount of time will vary depending on the sanction of the IVF doctor.