First Trimester | Pregnancy

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The FIRST month:

The baby technically referred to as the embryo forms in the first six weeks. The brain, lungs, and heart are under development and a tiny heartbeat will sound by day 25. A sac of fluid surrounds the embryo to shelter it from the physical bumps and pressures inside the sac. The baby will mature and develop inside of this safeguarded sac until the birth.

Pregnancy weight gain will begin to take place, with the breast beginning to enlarge and becoming tender. "Morning sickness" or nausea is apparent at this stage.

Your doctor will begin introducing several tests to check your health along with the baby’s health. It is extremely significant to schedule and make each of your appointments during this stage of your pregnancy.

The SECOND month:

The embryo has formed into a fetus. The arms with tiny fingers are developing. Development of legs, knees, ankles, and tiny toes are all taking place. Vital organs comprising the stomach, liver, brain, spine and central nervous system are in the foundation stage of development. The baby’s eyes and ears are starting to form.

The first trimester of pregnancy induces frequent urination and slight nausea symptoms.

It is critically essential to eat healthy foods, to provide yourself and the growing baby the appropriate nourishment. See our Pregnancy Weight Gain and Diet page.

The THIRD month:

Signs of the baby's gender are established. Finger and toe nails are in development. Facial structure is well defined including the chin, nose, and forehead. Eyes are fully developed and eyelids begin developing. The baby begins testing out the hands, legs, and head.