Can I Ship Frozen Embryos?

Guide for Egg Donors

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Yes, you can ship frozen embryos. Embryos are frozen in liquid nitrogen and are TRANSPORTED in dry shipper tanks.

This process allows the embryos to be at necessary temperature throughout the intended parents journey. These tanks can be rented or fertility clinics will place them at their patient’s disposal if requested, as long as they are subsequently returned.

Do I have to Authorize Shipment of Embryos?

It is necessary to authorize the clinic or facility where you were storing them before beginning authorization of shipment.

Depending on whether you are doing an in-country or international transport, and the location you are shipping to different authorization paperwork is involved.

It might also be possible to use commercial shipping companies, but the guidelines need to be carefully explored well in advance.

Overall, it seems to be possible to find a solution for the shipment of frozen embryos abroad. The cost involved will depend on your location and that of the Surrogacy clinic involved.