Can I Use My Own Surrogate Mother?

Guide For Intended Parents

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Yes, absolutely you can use your own Surrogate Mother. Couples who already have a Surrogate Mother in mind are ALLOWED to do so.

While surrogacy programs advise that you exercise caution in doing so, Surrogates and Intended Parents, of course, are still obligated to pass rigorous medical screening protocols before being qualified into a surrogacy program.

It is central to recall that surrogacy laws vary State by State. Even the States that define surrogacy as legal may not permit a Surrogate Mother to be satisfied financially. It is vital to discuss these details with your surrogacy attorney.

What Should I Consider when Using My Own Surrogate?

  • What exactly am I seeking in a Surrogate Mother?
  • Will I be unbiased in my search?
  • Can I manage the relationship with my Surrogate Mother?
  • Can I trust my Surrogate?
  • What are the concrete phases of Surrogacy?

There are many phases involved in the Surrogate search which are overwhelming in itself to manage on your own.

Be sure that you have everything required for this arrangement in position before entering any surrogacy arrangement; including the organization of background screening and psychological assessments, insurance prerequisites, assistance with fee structuring and the legal contract procedures.