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Second Trimester | Pregnancy

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The FOURTH month:

Signs of the baby's gender are established. Finger and toe nails are in development. Facial structure is well defined including the chin, nose, and forehead. Eyes are fully developed and eyelids begin developing. The baby begins testing out the hands, legs, and head. The heartbeat can be heard with a specialized instrument. 

The FIFTH month:

The baby is now developing at a fast pace. The umbilical cord thickens resultant in carrying enough blood and nourishment. The lanugo or protective hair covers the baby's body.

Morning sickness and fatigue that slowed you down during the first trimester will gently disappear as the body acclimates to the baby’s growth spurt. Most of the weight gain is most apparent during the second trimester. Maternity clothes are typically worn at this stage.

Did you feel that? The kicking has begun. The baby’s movement will induce slight kicks and bumps. It is critically essential at this stage of the pregnancy to seek consultation from your doctor if no movement has occurred.

The SIXTH month:

The doctor will now be able to perceive the baby's heartbeat. The baby’s movement is in full force and you will begin to feel more defined kicking. Breathing will become deeper and more frequent.

Eyelids are now fully developed. The baby will notice your heart beating. Subdued sounds from outside the uterus are also audible at this stage.

Doctor’s visits will entail the baby’s heartbeat and growth of the baby. Urine tests and blood pressure will become routine. An ultrasound, known as a sonogram, will draw a picture of your baby inside your uterus.

The SEVENTH month:

A fully formed baby entailing wrinkled skin has developed at this stage. By the end of the second trimester, the baby may begin sucking the thumb or crying. Subcutaneous fat is developed under the skin and eyelids are open as focus is developed. The hair on the head is growing.

The doctor will continue to evaluate the size and development of the baby. The gender may be determined at this time.

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