Are Twins Possible With IVF?

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It is the natural equation of IVF reproductive technology for multiple pregnancies. The rate for twins or triplets is excessive. Prearranged fertility medications are given to stimulate the ovaries and mature multiple eggs in order to upsurge the probabilities that at least one will result in a healthy pregnancy.

Once the eggs are confirmed mature, a doctor eradicates them from her ovaries, inseminates them in a lab with sperm, and typically assesses the resulting embryos for irregularities or genetic issues.

Reliant on age, two to three of the strongest embryos are relocated into a woman's uterus for pregnancy.

In 33% of cases, two embryos consequent a twin pregnancy. It is not solely the public eminence that clinics are apprehensive of the exercise in transferring multiple embryos in IVF. Health risks are immensely greater to the Surrogate Mother and unborn baby when there are multiples in a single pregnancy.

Twins who are conceived through multiple embryos in IVF have a 40% decline in risks due to the high level of specialist care and administration typical in infertility treatment supplemental care of natural births.

Women who are unaware that they are carrying twins do not obtain the same transition of prenatal care and consequently progress a higher rate of obstacles.

Surrogate Mothers Expecting Twins

Often times the world is very fascinated with twins and the mysteriousness behind it.

Being a Surrogate of Twins though, generally instigates a million questions consuming your thoughts.

How did this happen? Multiple pregnancies are on the rise in recent years with more and more twins and other types of multiples being born due to the increased use of fertility drugs.

What should I do? One of the most crucial aspects behind a healthy twin pregnancy is to find a doctor that is knowledgeable with multiple births.

Should I eat more? Being pregnant with twins requires extra nutritional necessities even more so than with a single baby pregnancy.  Eating smaller meals throughout the day can help with morning sickness during the first trimester of a twin pregnancy.

Should I rest more? Surrogate Mothers carrying twins need to understand that your body is working overtime, which means you should get twice as much rest.

The labor and delivery of twins can be an equally frightening thought. Staying in tune with your body is significant as a twin pregnancy averages the birth at 36 weeks, a viable purpose for a twin pregnancy to be classed at high risk.

To have a healthy twin pregnancy it is imperative for the Surrogate Mother to be stress-free and in a good emotional state.

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