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In the Czech Republic, the surrogate motherhood is not in detail regulated by law. It is allowed and the IVF clinics should confirm to the criteria published by the Czech gynecology society and confirmed by the Ministry of Health. Here are the criteria under which the IVF clinic can perform the IVF with the surrogate mother ("SM"): - age of SM max 49 years - czech citizen - health check by her practical doctor - health check by her female doctor - examination by a psychologist acceptable to the IVF centre - examination by a lawyer acceptable to the IVF centre. To make the life of our infertile couples, who become our clients, easier, we are able to coordinate all the relevant examinations and checks for the surrogate mother and the couple. We only cooperate with IVF centres where we have trust that the success rates are high and that the IVF cycle with the donor or without a donor will most likely result in the pregnancy of a surrogate mother. If you are interested in provision of our services, please email me.

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