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When I was 21 years old,I wanted so much to conceive a baby n be a mother but I was not yet married n have no partner. Over the years,I met my husband and talked to him abt having babies. We got married and had 3 beautiful and healthy kids since then. But after the 3rd child,my husband don't want anymore kids and asked me to take contraceptives. I didn't want to do it. I love the feeling of carrying babies in my womb.Different child gave different feelings while in the womb. So I told my husband abt surrogacy. He was reluctant at first but after much persuasion,he gave in,agreed and says that he will support my every decision.
I am a Singaporean.Asian Malay. I know that a lot of people are questioning about whether surrogacy are legal or not in Singapore. My answer is that I am a human being and a woman. I have my human rights and as a woman,I am able to feel and understand the feeling of wanting a child so badly. If I m not afraid,why should u?
Message to intended parents,please look beyond your search.There are higher chances of u getting a suitable surrogate mothers if u look beyond ur country or states.

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I have given birth to 3 beautiful kids as per my husband's request.He then said that 3 is enough for him n he is i told him that if he doesnt want anymore children,then i want to be a surroga ... See Profile
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Kit, Intended Parent
Commented on November 26th, 2017 12:06AM [EDT]
Can you help me?
Hi Nora, we have been trying for a baby for many years without success. Can you help us? Thank you.