LOOKING for Kind, Loving, Caring, and Helpful Surrogate Mother in USA are wanted - $55K - $80K

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Kind, Loving, Caring, and Helpful Surrogate Mother in USA are wanted - $55K - $80K Compensation and benefits * Base Compensation for CA/ NV States Surrogates (New): $50,000.00 * Base Compensation for experienced CA/NV States Surrogates: $55,000.00 * Base Compensation for surrogates from other states: $40,000.00 * Base Compensation for experienced surrogates from other states: $45,000.00 BASE COMPENSATION + PLUS * $500 - Expedited Sign-On Bonus is the advancement from base compensation when the full application process is completed within 72 hours and the medical records screening is passed by the surrogacy candidate * $7,000 - Multi Pregnancy Compensation (pregnant with more than one fetus, an additional compensation of $7,000 will be paid per fetus) * $600 - Injectable Medication Start Fee (entitled to a medication start fee of $600 upon the start of cycle medications excluding birth control pills and a mock cycle. Fee is paid within 10 days of the start of medication and is paid per cycle attempt) * $1,000 - Embryo Transfer Fee (receive a $1,000 fee for a completed embryo transfer. This fee includes childcare and housekeeping expenses. Fee is paid within 10 days after the embryo transfer and is paid per cycle attempt) * $800 + $200 (multiple pregnancy) - Non- Accountable Maternity Clothing Allowance (The payment is paid at the first of the month following the 14th gestational week of pregnancy. Payment is made only one time during the term of the contract.) * $300 - Monthly non-accountable expense allowance (Monthly allowance covers the surrogate's expenses including but not limited to parking, phone, fax notary, postage, meals, childcare, housekeeping, nonprescription vitamins & supplements, incidental expenses, the first 25 miles of mileage reimbursements and lost wages for routine OB appointments) * $1,600 - Housekeeping Allowance (entitled to receive a housekeeping allowance, beginning the 13th gestational week of pregnancy of $75.00 per week (receipts are required) and ending (1) week following delivery.) * $600 - Wellness program (For the health and well-being of the IVF cycle/embryo transfer, and Surrogate pregnancy, the Surrogate shall be entitled to participate and receive the benefit of nutritional supplements and prenatal SPA/massage services, which will be paid for by the Intended Parents.) * $0.54 per mile (Travel reimbursement) * $250 per night - Hotel Reimbursement (if required for travel or physician) maximum is $250 per night * $75 per day - rental car or Uber or equivalent with a maximum of $75 per day which includes gasoline, parking, insurance and tolls. * $50 per person per day - for surrogate companion traveling more than 8 hours away * $500 - Evaluation / Cancelled cycle - In the event that the surrogate is required to do a mock cycle or the surrogate's embryo transfer is canceled after the start of estrogen or progesterone at no fault to the surrogate. * $500 to $7,000 - Invasive procedure * $350 - Bedrest actvity restriction -Physician order required. * $200/Week - Breast milk (If a surrogate is willing to pump her breast milk and the intending parents chose to accept) * $500 - Life insurance ( $250,000 18 month term life insurance policy after confirmation of pregnancy) THEY NEED YOUR HELP We need a passionate, kind, loving, caring and helpful mother so the other couples would be able to have a child and may have a happy complete family for the ageing wives, infertility problematic couples, LGBT members, and personal / professionals who could not have baby, or medical related issues that a mother could not carry a child. Our procedure is Gestational process. What is Gestational Surrogacy In gestational surrogacy, the baby isn't genetically related to the gestational surrogate – the egg comes from the intended mother or an egg donor, and the sperm comes from the intended father or a sperm donor. Donor embryos may also be used Without a donor embryo, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is necessary because eggs from one woman are used to create embryos to be implanted in another woman's uterus. In IVF, fertilization occurs after eggs and sperm are combined in a laboratory. One or more of the resulting embryos are then transferred to the gestational surrogate's uterus. Unlike the traditional surrogacy, it usually involves sexual intercourse so the child would be genetically related to the surrogate mother. Candidate from 4 States that currently do not accept surrogacy New York, Michigan, Nebraska and Louisiana candidates from these states should relocate to other neighboring states during the process until the delivery REQUIREMENTS: * Age Requirement: 21 - 37 Years old and should be a US citizen or a permanent resident in the United States. * Candidate should be experienced in delivering a baby at least once and max of 5 while for C-section is maxed of 2 * Smoking will not disqualify the candidate but MUST quit smoking right away during the whole journey in order to proceed. * No Mental illness * No complications during last pregnancy & labor * No tattoo / piercing in the last 6 months * Drug free, safe & table living condition * IUD must be removed (Tubal ligation is fine) * With support from significant others (friends and families) * Enjoy being pregnant. Being caring and compassionate in bringing joy and happiness to other couples and families * Background check. Background Check will be conducted during the application process to ensure all prospects have no criminal records * Medical Records Screening. MUST provide necessary medical records, such as prenatal OB/GYN records, Labor & Delivery records etc., * Psychological Evaluation. MUST pass the Psychological Evaluation with licensed psychologists to ensure they are physically and mentally prepared for the surrogacy journey. The evaluation will be conducted after the successful match with Intended Parents. * Medical / Physical Examination / Screening. MUST undergo and pass a physical examination with the IVF clinic in order to obtain the medical clearance. Surrogates can NOT proceed to signing the Surrogacy Contract with Intended Parents without the medical clearance. Documents to be completed: * Full Surrogate Application * Background Check Authorization Form * Authorization for Release of Medical Records Form How to Apply: ASK ME by PM

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Brenda, Surrogate Mother
Commented on March 8th, 2019 12:35PM [EDT]
Hi, can you provide me with more information.
Sonia, Surrogate Mother
Commented on March 8th, 2019 03:52AM [EDT]
Can i be the surrogate?
But i am from indonesia. And i really need money to pay my debt. Ready to relocate anywhere.
Nkiruka , Surrogate Mother
Commented on March 6th, 2019 01:04PM [EDT]
Am a surrogate mother
Am more than willing and ready to be a surrogate mother, willing to relocate. Please contact me
Nkiruka , Surrogate Mother
Commented on March 6th, 2019 01:03PM [EDT]
Am a surrogate mother
Am a Nigerian but willing to relocate. Please contact me
Nkiruka , Surrogate Mother
Commented on March 6th, 2019 01:02PM [EDT]
Am a surrogate mother
Am a Nigerian but willing to relocate.. Please do contact me
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