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Jordan, American Egg Donor in Oroville, California, USA

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Egg Donor from Oroville, California, USA.

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I want to be an egg donor because my mother got ran over when she 18years old, she already had three kids by this age. And wanted more. When she got ran over she broke 36 bones and was told she was never going to have another child. For 20 years I've watched my mom maurn over not being able to have another child, I've watched her up for expensive proceeders and wasn't hundreds of dollars on ovulation a test. I myself love child I have one daughter who is almost 3 and she's the best, being a mom is the most amazing thing and I want to help other women have that same amazing feeling I get to experience.

Description of myself:

Outgoing, friendly, bubbly, organized, clean, easy going, accepting, healthy, happy, willing, listener, talking, helper.

My letter to intended parents:

Hello, I'm Jordan Bates. I come from a small town Called Oroville, located in California. Im not the average 20 year old. When I was 5 years old I got them from my mom, long with my 3month old sister and my 3year old brother. When people ask me when I became a mom it was 5 years old. I changed, bathed, and fed to babies when I was a baby. Cause I was scared something bad would happen. When I was 8 my mom got us back and I've lived a pretty easy life since then. As I grew up I watched my father in and out of prison, my mom abusing drugs and my grandma working to keep it everybody together. During this struggle I've learned everything not to do. I have not touched drugs and I'm scared to even try cause of my mothers addiction, I have never been in trouble or arrested. And I have always continued to help my family grow and do whatever helps. I was a straight A student til 8th grade, when I went into high school I started thinking more about my looks then my grades, 😏 But that's normal for a teen right? I "fell in love" when I was 15, lost my virginity and when I was 16 years old I found out I was pregnant, (been with that same man since, he's the love of my life) I was scared, but I knew what I was doing I knew i could handle it, I'm against abortion, there are women unable to carry there own child and that's alone breaks my heart. I then got a job and got my own house when I was 16 years old. When I was 17 I delivered a healthy baby girl. 4pounds 9 ounces. She was premature due to a car crash, but she was fast, she was breathing on her own and home within a week and they told us it could take up to two monthes. My little soldier showed them different. For the first two monthes I was exhausted, her little mouth couldn't suck and I'm all for breast feeding. But I stuck to it I pumped every three hours all day, all night. I would try to latch her at least once a day she started getting the hang of it after a few weeks. But couldnt suck hard enough to eat as much as she needed to so we did latch on then 2oz from a bottle just to make sure she didn't lose weight. I breastfed her for two n a half years. She's 3 and still ask somtetimes but I don't give in. Haha. She was potty trained before she was two and could sing her abc's by the time she was 10monthes old. I worked but I continued to stay a hands on mom like I wanted to be, and stayed in school. It took me a bit but I finally graduated high school last month. I'm almost 21 and I would like to donate my eggs to women who have a harder time ovulating, to others who are ready to have there happy family together. I have always had normal periods, and a healthy body type, we do not have bad genes, I could say 16% are a little above there weight but those are the ones who don't care and let themselves get that way, we have small bone structures, big eyes, light brown, golden skin, straight teeth, and acne does not run in my family, we all have the occasional pimple on our nose or forehead but doesn't everybody. I am Native American and Mexican, literally 50/50. Haha. I don't speak Spanish sadly. But can understand it. I don't really know what I was supposed to write on this but I tried to hit points a lot of people would want to know, to get a lil look of what there child could be like... I am willing to help any caring, loving, lady that's ready to carry her baby. If you have any questions feel free to ask I will answer anything. Sincerely, Jordan.


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Sandy, Intended Parent
Commented on March 24th, 2017 11:19AM [EDT]
Love your profile.
I love what you wrote. So honest. I can tell you love your mom. What a lucky mom to have a daughter like you. If you are still available we would to to talk to you. Thank you! Sandy
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