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Lluc/Jean-Francois, Spanish Intended Parent in Paris, France

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Intended Parent from Paris, France.

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We are a gay married couple. Jean François french, 36 years old and Lluc, 39 years old from Barcelona. We live in Paris and we both are Architects. Indeed we are easy going and responsible. We love travel, music and arts and life!!!

How would you best describe yourself(s):

Gay couple here - We tried to do it the old fashion way for years… didn’t work out ;) Since we’re not really biologicaly equiped to enlarge our familly and adoptation here in France is not allowed for same sex partner, we need the help of surrogate mother and egg donor to be parents.

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Giving birth is great and magical thing, we are convinced that the surrogate mother will be someone very important in our life. This is why we want to find someone to establish, a sincere, trustful, and easy relationship through the process, for both parts. After discussion with the surrogate mother, we’d like this person to remain someone important in our family life.


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ADESSY, Surrogate Mother
Commented on March 6th, 2018 01:36PM [EDT]
Surrogate Mother
Hello, Please check my profile and contact me if you have interest. Thanks
Catherine, Surrogate Mother
Commented on July 27th, 2017 12:22PM [EDT]
Ola, I would love to help!
This will be my first time as a surrogate and I would love to help 💗
Marry, Egg Donor
Commented on February 14th, 2017 09:02AM [EDT]
Egg donor
Hello, I am a Brazilian model, have been a beauty queen for a number of year and have been modelling internationally for over 10 years. I am currently also completing my Architecture degree, would be happy to assist you. I have donated twice before, I would be happy to email you my results, both donations where successful. Please email me if you have any questions. Thank you.
Sonya, Surrogate Mother
Commented on November 14th, 2016 07:06PM [EDT]
Hello, If you are still looking for a surrogate, I would be glad to help you! If not, I wish you great luck and I hope all goes well.
Gestational, Surrogate Mother
Commented on September 26th, 2016 07:37AM [EDT]
Hi Jean François & Lluc,
I'm a gestational surrogate. I've done surrogacy once before and it was very successful. Read my profile. If you would like to know more. Please contact me on