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Athena & Llywelyn, American Intended Parent in Forks, Washington, USA

Athena & Llywelyn
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Intended Parent from Forks, Washington, USA.

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Heterosexual Couple

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Cyprus, Ukraine, USA

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I was born with a congenital defect that prevents me from having a child. We attempted adoption, if we couldn't have our own, we wanted to give a child who needed a family all the love and happiness they deserved. Months in, the birth parents backed out, changing their minds about what they wanted. We had to give the child back after we had become incredibly attached to her. It nearly broke us. We can't adopt again knowing the possibility of losing another child. We decided to try surrogacy because it seems like the best and safest option available for us to realize our dream of becoming parents.

How would you best describe yourself(s):

We are super adventurous people who love to travel and try new things. We both love to read, go hiking and water-sports (especially SCUBA diving). Although we currently have no pets, we love animals and have had several interesting encounters! We also both love to cook and are somewhat artistic in nature. Llywelyn works as a diplomat for the US State Department and is more of a home-body. He's a fan of science-fiction and boutique board games (hosting board gaming at our house every month for friends). He went to college at Evergreen in Washington and did a one year study-abroad in Japan. I (Athena), am a small business owner, operating Umbrella Creek Braille from my home so that I can be a stay-at-home mom. I take private contracts to transcribe books into braille for the visually impaired (I am particularly fond of transcribing music for visually impaired student musicians.) I graduated college with an Arts and Sciences degree. I am the more adventurous one, always willing to climb on the elephant or jump off the tree on a zip line, dragging him with me as I go, but he's such a great sport about it!

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In the too short time our adopted daughter lived with us our lives were absolutely perfect. Having her missing now has left a hole in our hearts. We know we can't replace her, but we also know that a child is the part of our family that's missing. The part that will make us whole again. We were so lucky to see what kind of parents we would be before we got to be permanent parents, it's a gift not everyone gets. We liked who we were with her. We enjoyed all the tiny minute tasks and trials of being parents. We laughed at her tantrums, we loved her constant need for attention, and we loved how it drew us together. In short, we KNOW this is what's right for us. That said, we need to know that this will be right for you too. Surrogacy is 2 sided. You know all our wants and wishes. If you are interested in helping us, we will want to know yours in turn. We want you to know that as much as we want a child, we do not want it to come at the cost of harming another, mentally, physically or emotionally. Your health and well-being needs to be the #1 priority. If you have any doubts or hesitations or questions, please, always address them immediately with us. We feel very strongly that your well-being is our responsibility and priority.


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Kati-Jean, Surrogate Mother
Commented on April 24th, 2018 12:50AM [EDT]
Hello Llywelyn and Athena
Hello, My name is Kati. I was wondering if you were still looking for a Gestational Carrier? I would love to talk more about the opportunity to help our family. I am incredibly sorry about your adoption experience but glad that you are still pursing a family.
Stephany, Surrogate Mother
Commented on April 20th, 2018 01:29PM [EDT]
Surrogate Mother
If you are still looking, I would love to be given the opportunity to carry you baby for you guys.
Long Awaited Baby, Surrogacy Agency
Commented on April 16th, 2018 02:49PM [EDT]
LAB.Com Inc is a European agency for surrogate motherhood and reproductive technologies. Our agency offers our clients all-inclusive services. We are here
Tamires, Surrogate Mother
Commented on February 28th, 2018 07:51PM [EDT]
Surrogate Mother
I'm interested in going to your city and being your surrogate. Contact us
ADESSY, Surrogate Mother
Commented on February 11th, 2018 10:22AM [EDT]
Surrogate Mother
Hello, Please check my profile and contact me if you have interest. Thanks
Kare (Amanda), Surrogate Mother
Commented on December 30th, 2017 02:56PM [EDT]
Third Times the Charm!
(This is the 3rd time I've tried to post, I'm gonna feel hilariously ridiculous if it posts all three. At least the second time around I thought to copy, and past =P. Forgive me if you get a bunch of these, I'll try to delete extras.) We miss Washington a lot! My husband and I both grew up in Everett WA, just north of Seattle :). I have more than a few memories out by Leavenworth, Spokane, & Wenatchee/Fish Lake and I desperately miss the smell of pine tree's sometimes. My parents still live there, and I enjoy visiting. Never been to Forks though, Only skimmed by Olympia and Southward towards Cali. How is it after Twilight hit the stores? :3, Does it have a big tourist following? We're currently in Oahu! Lots of beautiful beaches. I'm not a huge fan of sand, but I do love the water! I absolutely LOVE scuba! Unfortunately, I have to take a hit away from it while I surrogate (Nitrogen bubbles aren't good for baby, poo!). I figure, this gives me time to save up for my own gear, and get officially certified instead of signing up for group dives all the time. I've been lazy about it. I looked through your profile, took a peek at your business, and saw we had a couple things in common! My husband and I also play board games: DnD, Twilight Imperium, Betrayal at House on a Hill, etc. We're also pretty big gamers though, playing: World of Warcraft, Skyrim, Dragon Age, Witcher, etc. I also like Minecraft, Sims, and of course playing on our Switch! <3 Zelda is amazing as always! Can't say I can read a white of Braille, but I think it's awesome you have a job you love that helps so many people, A lot of people are giving you their condolences on your heartbreak over that little girl. I won't do that. You've heard it a million times before already. But I want to commend you on your strength when you said: "While we were crushed, we couldn't hate her birth parents. We couldn't hate or blame anyone for loving her as much as we did." <3 That's love right there. You're adopted daughter might not know it, but she was given a huge gift. Your unconditional love, and her birth parents back, Also, I apologize if this is a double post! I checked, and it doesn't say I sent you anything yesterday :o, I figured I'd try again. Just in case. Also, I did see that you were taking a break from searching for family reasons. So no pressure to reply if you're still in the throes of it :o. Would love to chat more! I've met some amazing people on various sites, and while I haven't met a match yet, I'm enjoying the social aspect of it.
Center of Reproductive Medicine , Fertility Clinic
Commented on November 30th, 2017 08:05AM [EDT]
Surrogacy and egg donation
Hello! I am a representative of the Center of Reproductive Medicine "New Life" in Ukraine, which main field of activity is ART, surrogate motherhood and donation of oocytes. We have a huge base of surrogate mothers (more than 400) and egg donors ( more than 300 ) and we will be happy to help you select a surrogate mother/an egg donor who will meet your requirements. Starting cooperation with us, you are already one step closer to fulfilling your cherished dream.
Anung, Surrogate Mother
Commented on November 28th, 2017 04:43AM [EDT]
Surrogate mother
Im intrested n willing to fulfill ur dream come true for a good family
Elena, Surrogate Mother
Commented on November 25th, 2017 11:50AM [EDT]
My name is Helen and i would love to help you ^_^
, Surrogacy Agency
Commented on October 2nd, 2017 09:26AM [EDT]
Surrogate mother for You
Hi! I want to make your dream of parenthood come true and I'm willing to help you!
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