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Athena & Llywelyn, American Intended Parent in Forks, Washington, USA

Athena & Llywelyn
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Intended Parent from Forks, Washington, USA.

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Heterosexual Couple

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Cyprus, Ukraine, USA

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I was born with a congenital defect that prevents me from having a child. We attempted adoption, if we couldn't have our own, we wanted to give a child who needed a family all the love and happiness they deserved. Months in, the birth parents backed out, changing their minds about what they wanted. We had to give the child back after we had become incredibly attached to her. It nearly broke us. We can't adopt again knowing the possibility of losing another child. We decided to try surrogacy because it seems like the best and safest option available for us to realize our dream of becoming parents.

How would you best describe yourself(s):

We are super adventurous people who love to travel and try new things. We both love to read, go hiking and water-sports (especially SCUBA diving). Although we currently have no pets, we love animals and have had several interesting encounters! We also both love to cook and are somewhat artistic in nature. Llywelyn works as a diplomat for the US State Department and is more of a home-body. He's a fan of science-fiction and boutique board games (hosting board gaming at our house every month for friends). He went to college at Evergreen in Washington and did a one year study-abroad in Japan. I (Athena), am a small business owner, operating Umbrella Creek Braille from my home so that I can be a stay-at-home mom. I take private contracts to transcribe books into braille for the visually impaired (I am particularly fond of transcribing music for visually impaired student musicians.) I graduated college with an Arts and Sciences degree. I am the more adventurous one, always willing to climb on the elephant or jump off the tree on a zip line, dragging him with me as I go, but he's such a great sport about it!

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In the too short time our adopted daughter lived with us our lives were absolutely perfect. Having her missing now has left a hole in our hearts. We know we can't replace her, but we also know that a child is the part of our family that's missing. The part that will make us whole again. We were so lucky to see what kind of parents we would be before we got to be permanent parents, it's a gift not everyone gets. We liked who we were with her. We enjoyed all the tiny minute tasks and trials of being parents. We laughed at her tantrums, we loved her constant need for attention, and we loved how it drew us together. In short, we KNOW this is what's right for us. That said, we need to know that this will be right for you too. Surrogacy is 2 sided. You know all our wants and wishes. If you are interested in helping us, we will want to know yours in turn. We want you to know that as much as we want a child, we do not want it to come at the cost of harming another, mentally, physically or emotionally. Your health and well-being needs to be the #1 priority. If you have any doubts or hesitations or questions, please, always address them immediately with us. We feel very strongly that your well-being is our responsibility and priority.


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Kathy, Surrogate Mother
Commented on October 2nd, 2017 09:26AM [EDT]
Surrogate mother for You
Hi! I want to make your dream of parenthood come true and I'm willing to help you!
annabell, Surrogate Mother
Commented on September 12th, 2017 07:34AM [EDT]
Hi, Athena & Llywelyn
I am an experienced surrogate with knowledge of working with the best professionals on the east coast. Give me a shout!, if you are still searching. Love the pictures. (( : Cute!
ilaya, Fertility Clinic
Commented on September 6th, 2017 05:59AM [EDT]
Surrogacy in Ukraine
We help married couples become parents. Ilaya provide a service offering gestational surrogacy, in which the intended parents provide the biological material (egg and/or sperm), and IVF is carried out to impregnate the surrogate. The surrogate will carry the baby but have no legal, parental rights after the birth. Ukrainian law states that the legal parents of a child are depicted by DNA only. The couples must be married in order to confirm dual parental rights. Ilaya take full responsibility for the surrogate mother throughout the pregnancy. Our services include: - Personal manager assigned to each couple - Our own cryobank - Complete breakdown of costs - Travel and accommodation arranged - Multilingual staff - Supervision of well-being of our surrogate mothers - Insurance options for all potential extra costs
Jessica, Surrogate Mother
Commented on August 31st, 2017 09:43PM [EDT]
Jessica, surrogate mother
Hello, I checked out your profile and noticed having a baby seems to be one of your biggest wishes. I would love for you to check out my profile and let me know if I can be of any help for you!
Tabitha, Surrogate Mother
Commented on August 30th, 2017 05:26AM [EDT]
I may have laughed too hard at that shark rodeo picture!! You two sound absolutely fantastic and like a fun and adventure loving family! I'm so sorry for the loss you have felt and I would absolutely love to help you achieve that feeling again.Please, take some time to read my profile and feel free to message me here or email me any questions you have! My email is ***
Uchienta, Surrogate Mother
Commented on August 3rd, 2017 12:26PM [EDT]
Look at my profile , i'm indonesian, i'm available and ready to be a surrogate mother. U can contact me on Whatsapp . i can help you. Thanks
shellkina, Surrogate Mother
Commented on July 23rd, 2017 06:30AM [EDT]
My story hit me, I'm from the Czech Republic, I love to help you, you have a lot of love in it.I have two children.Check out my profile and write.
Christi, Surrogate Mother
Commented on July 22nd, 2017 01:12AM [EDT]
I can't imagine what you've been thru
Please let me know if you feel I can help!!
Peri, Surrogate Mother
Commented on July 20th, 2017 03:48AM [EDT]
I'm not from Ukraine but I really admire your openess on your profile and feel we would get along really well. If your interested..
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