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Bart, Belgian Intended Parent in Gent, Belgium

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Intended Parent from Gent, Belgium.

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My reasons are very simple. I am turning 45 this year and the chances of finding a woman in ‘traditional settings’ are too small and it is a process that takes too long. I realize I have no more time to waste. The dream of children started to come into effect after I turned 40. I always considered myself gay but I have never been able to find a partner in that space. I don’t have that need anymore. It is all about one or two kids now (or three) and seeing them grow up and giving them a great education comparable to the wonderful and great upbringing that I have been able to experience.

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I am a Caucasian almost 45-year old Flemish man born and raised in Belgium. I have lived in Los Angeles (US) and in Barcelona (Spain) but I am for good in Belgium now. I am ‘gay’ even though I do not wish to put myself in that ‘corner’ or ‘spot’. I come from a very warm and catholic upbringing in the countryside in Flanders (Belgium). I went to catholic college (math major) and then to university where I studied chemistry. I went to university in Belgium and then in the US. I have a passion for history and culture. I love our European heritage and I often visit old places and musea. I look good, fresh and young for my age. I am a dark blonde and I regularly go to the gym. I am athletic. I have always been quite demanding for myself. I did not have a wish for children but that dramatically changed as I was passing 40. There are several reasons for this: I started a teacher’s education in evening school which brought me back in contact with adolescents and brought back many memories of my childhood time; my nephews and nieces were having children; and further there were some life changing elements that made this wish grow stronger and stronger to the point where it is becoming an obsession. I finally feel I have the financial independence to raise a child as a single parent (along with my family). The ‘perfect job’ finally came along at the point where I was almost going to change careers to being a high school teacher. My current job (pharma/biotech clinical studies) allows me to work from home (home office) and comes with a lot of flexibility and this creates a perfect situation for myself to take care of children and to be there for them when they need me, to take them to school or to pick them up from school. Aside from a few short business trips in neighboring countries, I am always home.

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Ideally I wish to find a surrogate mother who would be living close to me and who would express the wish of staying in contact with the child as well. But in the end, I’d be very happy if I could have a baby regardless of any of the points just mentioned. The child will be raised in the traditional settings of Flanders, the Flemish speaking part of Belgium. To the surrogate mom I can say that I am financially stable on my own and that the child will have everything it needs, including warm contact with all of the members of my family.


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ADESSY, Surrogate Mother
Commented on February 12th, 2018 11:09AM [EDT]
Surrogate Mother
Hello, Please check my profile and contact me if you have interest. Thanks
Center of Reproductive Medicine , Fertility Clinic
Commented on December 8th, 2017 09:43AM [EDT]
Surrogacy and egg donation
Hello, I'm a representative of the Center of Reproductive Medicine "New Life" in Ukraine, which main field of activity is ART, surrogate motherhood and donation of oocytes. We have a huge base of surrogate mothers ( more than 400 ) and egg donors ( more than 300 ) and we'll be happy to help you select a surrogate mother and/or an egg donor who will fulfill your requirements. Starting cooperation with us, you are already one step closer to fulfilling your cherished dream.
Lilian, Surrogate Mother
Commented on October 25th, 2017 07:23AM [EDT]
Am Mary willing to realise your dream if carrying for your any number of children you want, please contact me
Helen, Surrogate Mother
Commented on October 23rd, 2017 04:55AM [EDT]
Surrogacy in Greece
Hi if you are interesting for having surrogacy in Greece email me thank you
Dorothy, Surrogate Mother
Commented on October 13th, 2017 04:22AM [EDT]
Am available anytime and willing to relocate.contact me.
Legit Solution in Surrogate, Surrogacy Agency
Commented on October 10th, 2017 09:35AM [EDT]
Willing to help find your right match
We are a full service Surrogacy Agency in Russia base in moscow, helping to match Surrogate Mothers, Egg Donors, Sperm Donors. We provide services for Heterosexual Couple, Gay Couple, Lesbian Couple, Single Woman, Single Man. Contact us for more information regarding our surrogacy services. Get back to me as soon as possible and for preparation. Thank You
ASM Surrogacy, Surrogacy Agency
Commented on October 5th, 2017 02:43PM [EDT]
ASM Surrogacy
Hello, Bart, You are faced with the difficult task of overcoming infertility. If you consider surrogacy as a possibility, it means you want continue on your journey to parenthood. This is why this message is important for you. Our goal is to support intended parents from around the world and guide them on their surrogacy journey in Russia. Our mission is to help those who otherwise would be unable to become parents. We would like to provide all of the services necessary to achieving a successful surrogacy journey. Let us shortly describe what our work the Agency of Surrogate Motherhood consists of: 1. Medical Arrangements – We coordinate all medical aspects of a surrogacy, and collaborate with one of the leading fertility clinics in St. Petersburg which employs highly skilled medical staff, and uses cutting-edge assisted reproduction methods. 2. Matching Process – We provide matching services for surrogate mothers and egg donors, who meet the legal and medical requirements. 3. Legal Aspect – Our agency attorney drafts and executes all legal documents within her jurisdiction, as they pertain to the agency. Additionally, our team assists intended parents with legal documents needed throughout the surrogacy process, and after birth. This includes official passport translations, notary and apostille services, birth certificate support, exit visas for babies, etc. We encourage you to visit our home page to learn more about our services, and please feel free to review our profile page here at FindingSurrogateMother.com. Looking forward to hearing from you soon, Sincerely, Aleksandra, Ph.D. Program Director
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