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Dina Margarita, Surrogate Mother
Commented on June 11th, 2018 12:39PM [EDT]
Good I am Peru I am 24 years old I have my healthy daughter without any disease I do not drink or have other vices I am completely healthy and I never had any principle of abortion, communicate with me if you want me to carry your baby in my belly thanks
Tetiana , Egg Donor
Commented on June 9th, 2018 01:48AM [EDT]
Egg donor for you
Hello. Please contact me if you are interesting in egg donor
Adriana, Surrogate Mother
Commented on June 1st, 2018 10:39PM [EDT]
I am brazilian , 28 years old, and i can help u. Please contact me. God bless u.
Elizabeth, Surrogate Mother
Commented on May 19th, 2018 04:17AM [EDT]
Hi Elizabeth
Would love to be a GS willing to come to Hong Kong healthy 36 year old no health issues. Canadian/American Please call
Valeria, Surrogate Mother
Commented on May 4th, 2018 04:07AM [EDT]
I can help you. Please leave email to contact you. Thank you.
Valeria, Surrogate Mother
Commented on May 4th, 2018 04:07AM [EDT]
I can help you. Please leave some email to contact you. Thank you.
Oksana, Surrogate Mother
Commented on January 25th, 2018 11:56AM [EDT]
Wish to help you
Hi Wish i can bring you happiness and you achieve your dream. I am from Russia and What do you think about me ?
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