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Mauro, Italian Intended Parent in Barcelona, Spain

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Intended Parent from Barcelona, Spain.

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We have chosen to work with a surrogate because we would love to have biological children and do not have any other alternative together. We have learned from our own upbringing and our life experience what we think is important for a child.Parents who are present, active in educating their children. Providing structure and healthy routines with support from grandparents and child educator, where parents’ work commitments require time.

How would you best describe yourself(s):

Our names are Mauro Morando (43) and Haris Hajdarovic (32) Yes, there is a relatively large age gap, but Mauro is the real kid in the relationship. Mauro is Italian, has lived in London for 9 years before moving to Barcelona five years ago. Haris has been living in between Bosnia, his country of origin, and Barcelona since August *** and has recently moved to Barcelona permanently. Mauro is co-owner of a Market Research agency based in London called Brains and Cheek.Mauro has recently started a new business called Opera, a multidisciplinary space combining art gallery, beauty salon and venue for cultural events.Haris studied Business Psychology in Sarajevo and has recently started a post graduate degree in Marketing and Sales in Barcelona. We live in a safe area of Barcelona 10-minute walk from the beach and 10-minute walk from a park and historical center town.This area is called Barceloneta.It’s a healthy environment for anyone to live. Haris is a kind generous loyal beautiful pure soul with a strong moral identity and a lifetime of love to give. Haris is the most caring, the most spontaneous and the most transparent and wears his heart on his sleeves.At the same time Haris is the most intuitive person, nothing that not sincere gets passed him unnoticed.That’s why he’s amazing with children who can only be genuine. Nobody I have ever met is more trustworthy and conscientious than him, nobody has ever deserved more recognition and happiness than him. When I first met him I was immediately captivated by his clever mind and his ability to think independently and question what everyone else does.This has allowed me to see things again with a fresh pair of eyes and rediscover what I have wanted from life but I had lost hope I could have. Although young, Haris is very mature and ready to commit and build something important with his life.Haris comes from an unfair difficult background and has learned about life the hard way. This has taught him to appreciate what is really important in life and has prepared him to bring up a child in the best possible way. Mauro is the kind of guy you will love at first.Beautiful, funny, simple with always his laugh on his face.My baby tiger is the smartest person I have ever met, and that is not the best thing he’s carrying in himself.I fell in love with him because of simplicity and his ability to stay young forever.Everytime I see him walking with me always on my right side, every time he speaks he laughs I look at his eyes in these moments and I see a reflection of his ten-year-old pure soul which he expresses in very honest and spontaneous way.He’s also a little bit messy, he forgets things, locks his house without taking his keys or even worse not realizing he actually had his keys J.He’s my soulmate, my companion, the richest and fulfilling soul I met.He has the ability to recognize the best in people and he always pulls this out of them. We love to watch funny sit-coms such and thought-provoking movies.Our favorite TV show has always been Modern Family.We have watched all the Ice-Age movies and cannot wait until the next one.We like to visit new places, observe and talk about human behaviour creating our own interpretation of random people we cross path with.We like to talk.We can talk about everything.We are two analytical minds.We like to play guitar, more like Mauro likes to play guitar and sing pretending he’s famous and Haris is obliged to applaud his performance. We like music.Haris has got a sophisticated taste in classical, niche instrumental music while Mauro likes commercial mainstream top-40 tunes.We like to go into the nature and look at the animals and see what they do, what they may think, creating the imaginary dialogue they may have.We like to go to museums to stimulate our minds, although it never always works.Sometimes you get bored and tired.Other times, it is actually engaging and it brings your mind to think about something that would have never crossed your mind eliciting interesting conversations.It’s always worth a try. Mauro works from home between business trips while Haris will be based in Barcelona.At least the first year to adapt to this new phase of life in the best possible way.It’s going to be a clash between order and chaotic mess and creativity. Two grand-parents would be around to help and support.We do not have any other children. Thinking about the time period while children are still not capable to decide, ideally, we don’t want to preclude opportunities for our children to meet their surrogate mother should they wish so and we would like to keep open to this possibility for our children to choose.We would then think it would be good for the surrogate mother to be in contact

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Hello Surrogate Mother of our children! Thank you so much for listening and we hope this was a somewhat exhaustive description of who we are.Maybe the pictures can give you a better sense of who we are, if you get in touch. Thanks for your precious help Mauro


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Елена, Surrogate Mother
Commented on April 17th, 2020 08:33AM [EDT]
I’ll become an egg donor or a surrogate mother.
Hello! 💕 A surrogate mother or an egg donor for you.We can make a program in Cyprus or wherever you want.Really looking forward to your answer. Email me: *** Or Viber, Watsapp: .
Verculum, Surrogacy Agency
Commented on February 11th, 2020 08:42AM [EDT]
Kristina, Verculum Surrogacy Center
Hello, Mauro, My name is Kristina and I work for Surrogacy Center in Russia Saint Petersburg, I would love to help you, if you are interested. You can contact me through email
Rhea, Surrogate Mother
Commented on November 29th, 2019 09:37AM [EDT]
Surrogate Mother
I can see that Philippines is not on your list of Prefer Surrogates/Donors from. But you might want to experience Philippines while experiencing having a child. This is the best time to do it. please contact me,.
stork service, Surrogacy Agency
Commented on July 11th, 2019 03:16AM [EDT]
we are here to help you - egg/sperm donation/surrogacy
Hi. We are the full service leading Surrogacy and egg donation agency in Tbilisi, Georgia.We provide donor and surrogacy services for Heterosexual Couples, Gay Couples, Lesbian Couples, Single Women and Single Men.Our surrogates can also fly outside Georgia.We have a huge base of surrogate mothers and egg donors and we'll be happy to help you select a surrogate mother and/or egg donor, who will fulfill your requirements.Also, it is possible to book free online consultation with Doctor.We are here to help and support them through all the stages of their surrogacy journey.We sincerely decided to devote our activities to help childless couples find the joy of parenting.This common goal makes the staff of the center a cohesive team.We have worked out the scheme of supporting biological parents, and accompanying surrogate mothers and oocyte donors.The best clinics in reproductive medicine are among our partners.Effective logistics makes it possible to provide our services to clients from all over the world.We have a parents from the countries where surrogacy is not legal, such as Germany, Spain, China.We really are the company who you can trust.If you will be interested in our services, please don’t hesitate to contact me.I will send you all the packages and price lists.I can provide you direct parents from Australia, Spain, Israel, Hungary and Russia.Our company is working with medical tourism since *** and with surrogacy since *** to hear from you soon.
Елена, Surrogate Mother
Commented on June 19th, 2019 06:13PM [EDT]
The surrogate mother ,
Surrogate mother. I bear the child with love and care. Ready to go.
IFS Agency, Surrogacy Agency
Commented on May 14th, 2019 01:01AM [EDT]
Surrogates and Egg Donors
Dear Intended Parents! IFS fertility agency offers future parents surrogacy, egg donation and IVF services in Kazakhstan. The Kazakhstan legal framework for assisted reproduction services is one of the most progressive worldwide.The surrogate has no right to keep the child and only biological parents are listed on the birth certificate as legal parents. Many advanced IVF clinics are located in Kazakhstan.We choose the best clinics with high success rates (more than 70 %). We have our database of healthy, verified surrogates and donors. All surrogates and donors undergo a thorough screening according to a set of special developed procedures.We check physical, emotional health, life history, absence of bad habits and many other factors. We have established a special school to train surrogates before all phases of surrogacy process, including IVF, pregnancy and childbirth.We also have a special department of doulas and a certified psychologist who assist surrogates throughout the program. Our programs include a full range of services, ranging from meeting at Almaty airport, selection of a surrogate, a donor and an IVF clinic to the birth of the baby and paperwork. Our prices are highly competitive.They are lower compared to similar programs in Ukraine, Georgia, the Czech Republic, and considerably lower than in the US, Canada and other countries. Contact us in the manner most convenient to you and we will send you a detailed guide for international intended parents with programs and pricing. Our contacts: Tel./ WhatsApp / Viber / Wichat / Telegram: +7 *** *** 46 22
Kateruna, Surrogate Mother
Commented on March 4th, 2019 05:57AM [EDT]
I'm a surrogate
Hallo I'm ready to be surrogate mother . Please, look into my profile, information about me and contact on there
Ren, Surrogate Mother
Commented on January 31st, 2019 07:02PM [EDT]
Surrogate in London
Hi Mauro & Harris, nice to meet you. I’ve been a surrogate before to twin boys. I live in London. Contact me and we can meet. I’m open to sharing my medical files with you. Send me a message and I’ll reply with my contact details. Thanks and take care.
stork service, Surrogacy Agency
Commented on December 4th, 2018 03:23AM [EDT]
we are here to help you
Dear Mauro and Haris, At the Stork Service surrogacy center all of us are mums and dads, and some of us have already got grandchildren. The feeling of the first touch of your baby’s fingers lives in our souls our whole lives. We sincerely decided to devote our activities to help childless couples find the joy of parenting. This common goal makes the staff of the center a cohesive team. We have worked out the scheme of supporting biological parents, and accompanying surrogate mothers and oocyte donors. The best clinics in reproductive medicine are among our partners. Effective logistics makes it possible to provide our services to clients from all over the world. Contact us.
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