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Philippe and Youenn, Canadian Intended Parent in Quebec, Canada

Philippe and Youenn
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Intended Parent from Quebec, Canada.

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We have long considered adoption in Quebec, where this system is quite complicated. We understand why it is that way as we must always consider the best interest of the child in question however, remaining a foster parent with the intention of adoption (as it is in Quebec) is something we believe can lead to much heart break when trying to raise a child that is not legally yours. So we have turned to surrogacy which is a much better alternative for us. Even though it is also a laborious process, it is our personal dream that an angel/surrogate be able to offer us this incredible gift!

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After being together for 8 years, we are newly married couple and have already started our egg donation process and are now looking for a potential surrogate. We are so so very anxious to live this chapter of our lives. For more details about our story, see the letter to potential surrogate section of our profile :-D. Thank you for reading us !!!

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Hello, future surrogate! We are a young couple, aged 37, Phil, and 31, Youenn. Let’s see how we can sum up our little story. I, Philippe, was taking care of my grandmother who needed care in her old age and was living with her for a while. I would pass many nights watching TV and reading away quietly as my grandmother would go to bed quite early. I got bored one night and decided to open up a chat profile to pass the time, if anything to at least virtually talk to people, lol. Luckily, from the moment I connected to the chat, and I do mean from the moment I opened my account, Youenn's picture was there waiting, presenting himself as a nice proper, decent young man. We started up a chat – I don't remember who actually wrote to who first, lol – and we naturally hit it off. At first, we wanted to keep our excitement quiet, writing to each other every now and then, but soon enough the impatience grew, and we found ourselves connecting online every couple of hours to see if the other had written something more. Still trying to keep it calm and composed, we delayed meeting up because we both were not looking to get into a relationship at the time. However, nature got the better of us. The conversation was so comfortable and pleasant that we simply had to meet. We decided to meet in the old port in Montreal during one early evening, where we ended up just walking for hours and conversing on end about everything and anything. When the time came to part ways, we both remember feeling the instant urge to text each other saying what a beautiful first date that was and that, well, it'd be fun to do it again sometime. We did! Several times. Yet for some reason we didn't want to say we were dating officially. It was actually at a friend's wedding, where everyone called us boyfriends, that we decided to “declare” some two months later, August 25th, as our official anniversary (we have a picture of that wedding moment for you to see – the one where we are holding a sign saying Washinton DC). We since have been sharing beautiful moments, travelling the world, sharing laughs, making friends, settling in a beautiful family home in Dorval raising our two little puppies, who are 4 and 6 today. 7 years later, while on a trip, under the setting sun of the beautiful waters of the Aegean sea, just off shore of Santorini’s breathtaking Red Beach, ring in hand, Youenn jumped into the water, swam up to Philippe and gave him the most precious surprise of his life : « Veux-tu m’épouser ? ». Naturally, we now think it is the time for the next big step of growing the family fun. We had initially looked into adoption. However, having to go through the Quebec system, it turned out that that wasn't the best route for us. In short, in Quebec, you first have to become a foster home when you take in a child, and you express your desire, or intention, of adopting the child instead. This could be very quick and painless but it can also be long and heartbreaking, possibly having the child taken away from you should a biological link of the child come to surface suddenly. Naturally, it is in the child's best interest, but we decided that it would be too hard to bear should it ever happen to us. We have therefore turned to surrogacy as the best option for us, and we are thrilled to think that we can have a child(ren) with a genetic link! This gift that you would be giving us would literally mean the world to us -something that could only be repaid with endless gratitude and smiles. Now, what kind of daddies would we be? That is the question! Well on paper, we are an accountant and an economist in the foodstuff industry. It doesn't seem very palpitating, but we are both passionate people at heart. I, Phil, love playing the piano, learning many languages and swimming for miles and miles. Youenn is an avid cook, who loves to travel and discover the culinary world. He also is a real big fan of history novels. I didn’t get it at first. I wasn't a fan, but with his passion, I have grown to love it too! We both love nature and are often seeking places to hike with our dogs. We love doing all sorts of things: kayaking, eating, swimming, reading, playing sports, skiing, flying, discovering, gardening, relaxing, tanning, inviting people over for suppers, chatting endlessly and the list goes on. In the end, we love to try a bit of everything. It's a great way to keep our relationship alive by continually seeking new challenges. Needless to say, our children will be well travelled, speak at least French, English and Italian, he/she will hopefully share our passions, but we must say that they will be loved just the way they are. We have many children in our surroundings, and we have grown to learn that parents simply don't decide on what they do and don't like. If he/she's a baseball player, so be it. A dancer, musician, teacher, writer, businessman, we will only show them all their options and push them towards what they naturally feel is right. Oh gosh, we pray it is as easy as we are describing it, hahaha. In essence, as long as he/she/they are healthy, what more could we ask for. They will undoubtedly be surrounded by much love from family and friends. We are quite family oriented and love to gather quite often to catch up. We both have older brothers: Philippe, one with three kids and, Youenn, two, one of whom is expecting a child. We regularly see Youenn's parents who will indeed participate in our children's upbringing. My, Philippe, parents have passed, and so I will show them many pictures of their grandparents on my side. My grandmother at 97 is still alive however, and I hope she will be around to meet him/her/them. We also both have family in France, and we plan to travel there for a yearly visit. We are a same-sex couple, however, we are reassured that with the presence of family and friends, our children will grow up with strong feminine and masculine influences. As it is most probably apparent by now, we would like to have more than one child. One of each with the same donor and also ideally with the same surrogate, but who are we to ask that of anyone. We are open-armed to anyone who will help us on our journey. Along the way we hope to create new lasting bonds with our surrogate should you be willing. If you want to talk to us every day, then we are more than happy. If you just want updates every now and then for special occasions such and birthdays and school events, then that could be arranged. If you choose not to maintain contact after the pregnancy but just be connected by social media to see how we are doing, then that is also possible. As well, if you want to be able to meet the child, and if he/she also wants, then we'll personally drive over ourselves. In that regard, we prefer to respect your wishes and preferences. Oh my, it is never easy writing about yourself, but I hope this gives a nice picture of who we are. We choose to believe that our life story is more than just 2 pages long so should you need any further details that we did not think of writing, then we will be happy to provide. Thank you for reading us, and we are looking forward to this adventure!!


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Елена, Surrogate Mother
Commented on December 17th, 2020 09:25AM [EDT]
I’ll become an egg donor or a surrogate mother.
Hello! 💕 Surrogate mother or an egg donor for you. We can make a program in Cyprus or wherever you want. Really looking forward to your answer💌
Елена, Surrogate Mother
Commented on December 17th, 2020 09:25AM [EDT]
I’ll become an egg donor or a surrogate mother.
Hello! 💕 Surrogate mother or an egg donor for you. We can make a program in Cyprus or wherever you want. Really looking forward to your answer💌
Елена, Surrogate Mother
Commented on December 17th, 2020 09:24AM [EDT]
I’ll become an egg donor or a surrogate mother.
Hello! 💕 Surrogate mother or an egg donor for you. We can make a program in Cyprus or wherever you want. Really looking forward to your answer💌
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