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Tracy, Australian Intended Parent in Queensland, Australia

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Intended Parent from Queensland, Australia.

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We always wanted children but nothing prepared us for the love that we feel for our son.He has blonde ringlets and is the funniest person I know.He's always laughing, telling jokes or playing tricks.He loves young children and babies and makes sure they don't fall when they walk.He is very gentle with them and makes friends with all the mums at the park.He has asked 5 girls to marry him already. Our love for him surpasses anything in life we have ever felt and we would love, more than anything, to give him a sibling and be able to share the love that we have with another child.There is nothing like listening to your child read or have them tell you you're the best mummy in the world, or playing chasy around a park giggling, or playing Lego on a Sunday afternoon.The list is endless.There are so many memories, our son just lights up the room.He is our love story. Our son asks us every day when his brother or sister is coming, and we tell him just to hold on a bit longer as these things take time.We simply need someone to help us.The journey has been long as we have tried for baby number 2 for 4 years.We are looking for a surrogate to help us complete our family and hope that we can find someone who wants to help us with this most amazing gift. We are very positive people and always see the best in everyone.We never get down about anything.Life is so wonderful.We have amazing opportunities to soar and be the best we can be.We believe in being kind and looking after our minority groups and disadvantaged.I have done a lot of work in Africa with communities and have a healthy perspective on life having seen extreme poverty.My husband is a very protective man.His number one priorities are my son and I.He would do anything for us and is always looking out for us.He adores our son and together they are always laughing and conspiring. Our son is the most incredible little boy ever.He is the dream that came true for us.He makes us laugh all the time and comes out with the most profound things, such as "Mummy, I had a bad dream but I'm not going to tell you about it." He is always talking, singing, moving and somersaulting on us.(unless he is playing cars in which case it's very serious business).We would like him to experience what it is like to have a sibling as we both had siblings and it is a 'must have' with us.

How would you best describe yourself(s):

We are a family of three plus our beautiful cat, living in Brisbane, Australia and wanting to grow! We are a happily married, professional couple in our mid 40's with a delightful and super energetic 7 year old boy.Me, Tracy, my husband Mike, our son Cooper and cat Ella (she is *** years and our joy). I am a professional who co-founded an animal welfare/ & conservation charity Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers *** 8 years ago. We run international volunteer programs partnering with organisations in Australia and around the world providing funding and volunteer resources to those who need it most. Last year alone, our charity donated *** to animal shelters and facilitated over *** volunteer hours.We have won 19 awards including 2 Gold Stevie Women in Business awards.I am very proud of what I have achieved, especially recently with the bushfires where we set up a program providing food and water to *** animals on a mountain in Central Victoria after the firestorm hit. Prior to my charity, I worked in real estate for over 20 years in a variety of roles, but most recently as a buyer's agent helping people navigate property purchases *** a house or investment is a big deal and most people find it overwhelming.I help them so that it is a much easier process offering support and guidance (and huge savings).Running my own businesses has given me the flexibility to be at home mum, enabling me to be a fulltime mother.I wouldn't miss it for the world.Every moment is so precious. My husband is a mechanical engineer who used to work for large corporations, but he left 3 years ago to run a small property development company.Again, his schedule is his own and he has the flexibility to do school pick ups and drops offs, soccer training, after school bike rides, play lego, etc, etc.This week, he spent the whole week building a 3 story cubby house with landings and ladders and contraptions all over it. He loves doing things for our son and seeing him so happy."You're doing all this for me Dad.I love you." Mike is originally from Adelaide and me from Melbourne.We met in Melbourne and have been together for 21 years.We moved to Brisbane 8 years ago for the sunshine and what a great move that was! We love it! We are emotionally and financially stable and live well-rounded lives with an international holiday every year.We are very outdoorsy and love to travel.Our son has been overseas 6 times already on big trips including South Africa, Dubai, Thailand, Singapore. We both go to the gym and eat healthy, cooking at home most nights and the occasional trip to a local restaurant.We have an almost ZERO sugar policy.We would rather him have an apple or a carrot, or mix up a broccoli and banana juice.Yes, he loves it!!! Our weakness is potato chips. On weekends, we potter around our big, big garden, swim in the pool, play lego, play frisbee, plant trees, go for bike rides and visits to the skate park, read tonnes of children's books (My favourite - The Lion who wanted to Love), plant more trees and watch movies.Our son is totally obsessed with cars, and I mean totally obsessed.Everything is about cars! We spend much of our day making ramps and car parks for his little cars.When we finish building our new house, we are going to buy an old Mustang or Porsche to 'do up.' It is our son's dream to have an old car. We love building houses.We are property mad and are always busy building or renovating something. We are building (AGAIN) in Pullenvale on a hectare with a city and Mt Cootha view.We believe that kids should be outside enjoying the sunshine and running around exploring. Our son goes to Montessori School in Fig Tree Pocket (they start them at 3 which is fantastic and they are encouraged to be free thinking, independent children).Any further children of ours would also attend Montessori and they will both be attending a private school in high school to give them the best opportunities in music, sport and academia.We both went to private schools and we like the support and the extra curricular activities that are offered.

Use this space to communicate a letter to potential Surrogates/Donors:

If you feel you have a connection with us, we would love to hear from you. We have 3 first grade frozen embryos at Life Fertility in Brisbane. After multiple miscarriages and failed attempts, it was found that my husband and I share a gene that was activated when we conceived our son.It means that I can't carry his child because my body sees the embryo as a version of itself but foreign, so it attacks it.It took 4 years of investigation and 7 specialists to find out what the issue was.Talk about frustrating and upsetting to say the least.So that leaves us in this predicament.The need for a GS surrogate. A Gestational surrogate would enable us to complete our family and give us all the most precious gift.We would be open with the child from the very beginning about how they were conceived and their special story.As for a relationship with the surrogate's family, we are open to any arrangement.It is such a beautiful gift, we respect the surrogate's wishes.Of course, the more the merrier we say! It certainly does take a village to raise a child nowadays. If you would consider being a surrogate for us, we would love to connect with you. We are fully aware of the process, the legislation and the costs and we already have our counsellor and lawyer in place. We hope you get in touch. Tracy, Mike & Cooper (and Ella meow) xxx


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Jessica, Surrogate Mother
Commented on July 7th, 2020 07:27AM [EDT]
I'm very new here
Hello there, I've been considering becoming a surrogate for some time and to keep it short here for you I must say that I have connected with your profile profoundly, on every level imaginable. I'm currently residing in NSW and will be moving to Brisbane area soon. I would love to elaborate further in a more private discussion. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss this possibility. I would be honoured to share this experience with you. Sincerely and kindly, Jess
Елена, Surrogate Mother
Commented on April 9th, 2020 03:09PM [EDT]
I’ll become an egg donor or a surrogate mother.
Hello! 💕 A surrogate mother or an egg donor for you.We can make a program in Cyprus or anywhere.Really looking forward to your reply.Write to the mail: *** 💌 Viber, Watsapp: phone *** Write, I do not speak English, I write through an interpreter.
Neema , Surrogate Mother
Commented on April 9th, 2020 02:16AM [EDT]
I would love to help please see my profile and contact me
Елена, Surrogate Mother
Commented on March 27th, 2020 06:47AM [EDT]
I’ll become an egg donor or a surrogate mother.
Hello! 💕 A surrogate mother or an egg donor for you. We can make a program in Cyprus or anywhere. Really looking forward to your reply. 💌 Write, I do not speak English, I write through an interpreter.
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