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Angel Babies Surrogacy & Egg Donation LLC | Surrogacy Agency | Mission Viejo, California, USA

Angel Babies Surrogacy & Egg Donation LLC
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We are a full service Surrogacy Agency in Mission Viejo, California, USA, helping to match Surrogate Mothers, Intended Parents, Egg Donors. We provide services for Heterosexual Couple, Gay Couple, Lesbian Couple, Single Woman, Single Man. Contact us for more information regarding our surrogacy services.

Agency/Organization Name
Angel Babies Surrogacy & Egg Donation LLC

Contact Name
Angel Babies Surrogacy & Egg Donation LLC

We Assist the Following Groups
Surrogate Mothers, Intended Parents, Egg Donors

Willing to Assist Couples Types of
Heterosexual Couple, Gay Couple, Lesbian Couple, Single Woman, Single Man

We Provide the Following Services
Fertility Doctors, Nursing Staff, Legal Support/Lawyers, Surrogate Mother Matching, Egg Donor Matching, Surrogacy Applications and Contracts, Screening & Matching Team, Journey Coordinators, Egg Donor Coordinators, more

Willing to Assist Surrogates/Donors/Parents from these Countries
Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, USA

About Us

Angel Babies Surrogacy and Egg Donation is a 24/7 hands on agency for all parties. We match surrogates, egg donors with prospective intended parents. 90% of our clientele is of the gay community because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to become a parent. Our job is to have all parties agree on financials, coordinate Lawyers ,Pysch evaluations and all clinical appointment's. Our agency exclusively works with Dr. Woods and Dr. Adams in La Jolla, California. We are a part of entire process and attend as many appointments as we can including transfer. We offer transportation from airport to clinic. We even offer housing for surrogates and IPs if needed. We attend as many deliveries when possible. We remain close to all parties even when baby/ies are born. We have many parents return for sibling projects! To this date Angel babies Surrogacy has helped bring 42 Babies into this world. Please visit Facebook and type in Angel Babies Surrogacy and Egg Donation or Daddies and Surrogacy to see some amazing journeys. Angel Babies Surrogacy and Egg Donation is looking forward to helping you become a family. We offer referrals for Fertility Doctors, Nursing Staff, Legal Support/Lawyers, Surrogate Mother Matching, Egg Donor Matching,Surrogacy Applications and Contracts, Screening & Matching Team, Journey Coordinators, Egg Donor Coordinators, Surrogate Care Assistance, Medical Insurance Assistance, Psychologists Evaluations, Psychotherapists Evaluations, Crisis Support

Mission Viejo

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IFS Agency, Surrogacy Agency
Commented on May 13th, 2019 08:42AM [EDT]
Surrogates and Egg Donors
We are writing you to offer surrogate and egg donor services.Our database includes surrogates and donors, mainly from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Belorussia and Uzbekistan.We work with Asian and European donors.We have also donors of model type with an excellent education. Our Asian donors are in demand by Chinese intended parents.Also we offer a full package of services to ensure organization and support of fertility programs, including IVF, ICSI, gamete, embryo, sperm donation and surrogacy. All surrogate and donor candidates go through screening process.We do ovarian reserves tests and endometrium ultrasound.All our surrogates didn’t have a C-section in the past, they are up to 34 years old (the age of egg donors — up to 32 years).We also check candidates for criminal record and departure restrictions and conduct a two-stage interview.Candidates provide all necessary documents as well as fill in a questionnaire (more than *** questions), they provide photos, videos, egg donors also provide a handwriting sample and childhood photos. Surrogate fees start at $ *** (without monthly expenses for accommodation, food, travel, etc.), egg donor fees— at $ *** (without accommodation, food and travel expenses). It is possible to arrange living of the surrogate for all 9 months of pregnancy in your country. Egg donors can undergo stimulation and puncture in your clinic, or undergo stimulation in our clinic in Almaty and fly to your country for 3-4 days for puncture procedure. Please contact us if you are interested in our offer. We are also ready to consider your offers on cooperation. We will be glad to mutually beneficial cooperation. Sincerely, Anastasia Kosenko, IFS Fertility Agency, Supervisor of donor and surrogate programs. Our contacts: Email / Skype: ***
, Egg Donor Agency
Commented on November 13th, 2017 05:48PM [EDT]
RE: Disappointed, Intended Parent
Hello, I am the no longer silent Egg Donation for Angel Babies Surrogacy and Egg Donation LLC.It really unfortunate to come on these sites and find posts about people and agencies without providing any back story for factual information and having other people just roll with it.I thought I would add some information to the comment previously posted on this page.The IPs signed with this agency in August of *** and was immediately matched with a surrogate.Unfortunately, this surrogate was prescreened but didn't not pass medical testing.As you know this is something no one can foresee until tests have been done.In march Bridget found them a new surrogate who was already medically cleared and ready to go so they would not have to pay for testing again.I would also like to add at this point that Bridget had already given them a discount on her agency fee because she knew financials were an issue with the IPS and wanted to help them.Bridget also paid the mock cycle fee to the surrogate out of her own pocket because the IPS wouldn’t pay her nor mileage.On April 13th, after much delay on the IPS they signed a contact/fee schedule with the surrogate.On April 24, Surro had contacted bridget and IPS and said she would not be moving forward after she received a draft of the contract and a lot of things they had discussed were removed like maternity clothes.On May 8th they had reached out to the surrogate saying they wanted to move forward after all and needed to adjust the fees/comp.On May 12th a NEW second fee schedule was drafted for the IPS.After Bridget had walked them through the fee schedule, to which they agreed to.Then the draft when sent to the lawyer who then created the contract.On may 20th the IPS reached out to Bridget and Surro via email stating they were not going to move forward with the agency or the surro.See attached links for emails.Names and emails have been blurred out to protect the IPS and Surro.Per the contract between IPS and Angel Babies Surrogacy and Egg Donation LLC, all fees are non-refundable.Bridget and the surrogate had for filled all their duties listed in contract but it was ultimately up to the IPs that they did not move forward.Other than the agency fee paid to Bridget at a significant discount, the IPS did not pay for anything- including attorney fee for drafting the 2 surro fee schedules, which Bridget paid.The surrogate was never given any money.If you have any more questions pertaining to this particular event I would be more than happy to oblige.On a positive note, said Surro is re-matched and expecting twins due June *** *** & *** baby thanks to Bridget!
Disappointed, Intended Parent
Commented on October 17th, 2017 07:38PM [EDT]
We are writing this hoping to save other intended parents or potential surrogates from ever experiencing what we went through. Bridget Larzelere is the owner of Angel Babies and should NOT be trusted. Bridget contaced us through this website and said she wanted to help us start our  journey. She initially comes across as being very caring and concerned, however, she will tell you whatever you want to hear to get your business.  Once she got paid we felt like we were on this journey alone. We (and our surrogate) had to continually ask her what to do next and try to get her involved in the process. This is definitely a situation where you get what you pay for. It felt as if she was running the business out of a garage. She is cheaper than many of the other agencies but the professionalism and service levels don't compare to that of a REAL agency. We ended up paying thousands of dollars of unecessary expenses due to her bad and misleading information. After several frustrating months of waiting we decided to cut our losses and gave up our dream of having a family. Do your research and look around online before you sign with her. There are many other stories about her that confirm what we are saying. She preys on uninformed people on these sites and will tell you whatever it takes to get your business. If you are serious about starting a family, avoid Angel Babies and go with a reputable company. Please learn from our mistake.
Brian, Intended Parent
Commented on July 18th, 2017 11:28PM [EDT]
Bridget was fantastic. My twins are nearing 3!
I have only fantastic things to say about Bridget and Angel Babies Surrogacy. When I was looking to be a parent and my planned surrogate left me shortly before the planned transfer, two different doctors recommended Angel Babies and Bridget. She was great. Got me a great surrogate, and the transfer of my frozen embryos took on the first try. Boy and Girl both born healthy and happy and I am still on good terms with the surrogate. Also, I had 5 frozen embryos left over and Bridget found a couple that had been trying to have a baby for years. I donated two of my embryos to her and one healthy baby boy was born! This same couple is now working again with Bridget to transfer two more of my female embryos so their son can have sister or sisters. Still can;t believe how wonderfully everything went and my life is filled with joy every day now.
Lawrence, Intended Parent
Commented on July 3rd, 2017 04:46PM [EDT]
***Warning*** Avoid Angel Babies Surrogacy
Stay away from this "agency" at all costs. The owner, Bridget is a con artist and will tell you whatever you want to hear to get you to sign on with her. We worked with her for 7 months and had multiple matches fail medical screening; she would constantly blame our "strict clinic" even though not a single match she sent met ASRM guidelines and most of the girls weren't even taking their commitment to surrogacy seriously. The one surrogate who did pass medical got pregnant after contracts even though she was supposedly single. After that, we were told to move on and not worry about getting a refund for the insurance we had prepaid. Bridget's idea of a screened surrogate is someone she had been talking to for a week or two on Facebook; she would then hastily throw together a profile without so much as reviewing medical records or much of anything else. We caught her in multiple lies, but because we had invested several thousand dollars in paying an agency fee, we decided to look the other way in the hopes we could salvage our experience and lost funds. When we did confront her, she denied everything. Not only does she tell you what you want to hear (instead of the truth) but she's incredibly unprofessional and doesn't understand basic grammar. I could go on and on, but just do a quick google search and you'll find countless others who have had terrible experiences with her.
Deja and Sandro, Intended Parent
Commented on October 19th, 2015 11:52PM [EDT]
Phone consultation if possible-Intendend Parent
Please browse our profile in this website "Deja and Sandro Missana".Could you please contact over the phone in San Diego,CA.Thank you for your time.
Suzane, Intended Parent
Commented on April 27th, 2015 01:32AM [EDT]
Pls give me an amount of how much total cost for surrogate if we already have embryo.
Anthony, Intended Parent
Commented on December 27th, 2014 07:52AM [EDT]
Thanx for you message, I would love to know more.Is there any way where I can contact you.
george, Intended Parent
Commented on November 4th, 2014 09:54AM [EDT]
I would like to arrange a Phone Call
I need your contact information
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