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We are a full service Surrogacy Agency in Guangzhou, China, helping to match . We provide services for surrogacy. Contact us for more information regarding our surrogacy services.

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Surmom, Surrogacy Agency
Commented on October 10th, 2019 05:24AM [EDT]
Cooperation offer
Dear Sir/Madam, Maybe we could cooperate, We are the full service leading Surrogacy and egg donation agency in Tbilisi, Georgia.We provide donor and surrogacy services for Heterosexual Couples, Gay Couples, Lesbian Couples, Single Women and Single Men.Our surrogates can also fly outside Georgia.We have a huge base of surrogate mothers and egg donors and we'll be happy to help you select a surrogate mother and/or egg donor, who will fulfill your requirements.Also, it is possible to book free online consultation with Doctor.We are here to help and support them through all the stages of their surrogacy journey.We sincerely decided to devote our activities to help childless couples find the joy of parenting.This common goal makes the staff of the center a cohesive team.We have worked out the scheme of supporting biological parents, and accompanying surrogate mothers and oocyte donors.The best clinics in reproductive medicine are among our partners.Effective logistics makes it possible to provide our services to clients from all over the world.We have a parents from the countries where surrogacy is not legal, such as Germany, Spain, China.We really are the company who you can trust.If you will be interested in our services, please don’t hesitate to contact me.I will send you all the packages and price lists.We already have served intended parents from Australia, Spain, Italy, Israel, China, Greece, Portugal, UNM, France, Canada, Finland, USA, Hungary and Russia.Our company is working with medical tourism since *** and with surrogacy since *** to hear from you soon. Best regards, Nino Norakidze Partnership case manager Stork Service LLC st.Lubliana 15a, Tbilisi, Georgia *** mob/whatsapp/viber: *** *** *** website: *** email: ***
IFS Agency, Surrogacy Agency
Commented on May 11th, 2019 08:39AM [EDT]
Surrogates and Egg Donors
We are writing you to offer surrogate and egg donor services.Our database includes surrogates and donors, mainly from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Belorussia and Uzbekistan.We work with Asian and European donors.We have also donors of model type with an excellent education. Our Asian donors are in demand by Chinese intended parents.Also we offer a full package of services to ensure organization and support of fertility programs, including IVF, ICSI, gamete, embryo, sperm donation and surrogacy. All surrogate and donor candidates go through screening process.We do ovarian reserves tests and endometrium ultrasound.All our surrogates didn’t have a C-section in the past, they are up to 34 years old (the age of egg donors — up to 32 years).We also check candidates for criminal record and departure restrictions and conduct a two-stage interview.Candidates provide all necessary documents as well as fill in a questionnaire (more than *** questions), they provide photos, videos, egg donors also provide a handwriting sample and childhood photos. Surrogate fees start at $ *** (without monthly expenses for accommodation, food, travel, etc.), egg donor fees— at $ *** (without accommodation, food and travel expenses). It is possible to arrange living of the surrogate for all 9 months of pregnancy in your country. Egg donors can undergo stimulation and puncture in your clinic, or undergo stimulation in our clinic in Almaty and fly to your country for 3-4 days for puncture procedure. Please contact us if you are interested in our offer. We are also ready to consider your offers on cooperation. We will be glad to mutually beneficial cooperation. Sincerely, IFS.AGENCY
PARENTAGE.PRO, Surrogacy Agency
Commented on July 28th, 2018 11:00AM [EDT]
提供合作 - Proposal for Cooperation
親愛的同事們。 我是烏克蘭的Parentage.pro。 我們為世界各國公民提供代孕母親和生殖技術服務的複雜性。 我在互聯網上找到了有關貴公司的信息,我想開始就合作進行對話。 目前,我們正在尋找一家合作夥伴公司,其目標是在烏克蘭為您的客戶提供代孕母親計劃和全方位的生殖技術。 我們知道患者和客戶轉向您的目的是為自己選擇代孕母親,精子捐贈者或卵子。在患者向您提出此類請求時,您可以向這些客戶提供我們的程序通過。您的客戶將有額外的選擇,您將收到我們的佣金。 所以我們已經與幾個合作夥伴合作。 我們為客戶提供全方位的服務(絕對是整個週期): - 解決所有國內問題 - 解決法律問題 - 在我們的診所實現所有醫療任務 - 完整的支持和協調週期 對於客戶而言,除了我們之外,您不需要去其他任何地方。我們在“單一窗口”模式下工作。我們從頭到尾做所有必要的事情。 我們的競爭優勢是: a)代孕母親和捐贈者的選擇很快進行:2-3個工作日。在復雜的情況下,大約需要一周時間。烏克蘭的其他公司生產的SM和DO平均為6至9個月等待。客戶預付款並等待很長時間。我們公司快速完成所有工作。 b)我們與競爭對手價格相同的套餐包括24條染色體上的PGD測試。其他烏克蘭公司沒有這個機會,但他們有像我們這樣的價格。這個測試很昂貴,而在其他公司,客戶還需要付費。我們將它包含在包中。所有人都理解這一因素,這對客戶來說非常重要 - PGD24保證健康兒童的出生,無需額外附加費。 c)在文件註冊期間孩子出生後,客戶住在單獨的公寓中。烏克蘭的其他公司為幾個有孩子的家庭提供同居服務。我們不包括噪音,日常不便。這對客戶來說很重要。 您可以在此鏈接上看到的軟件包的近似成本: http://parentage.pro/programs_costs 我們的網站包含我們最受歡迎的包。除此之外,我們已準備好根據您的意願為您的客戶創建其他復雜的不孕症治療套餐,即通過一系列新服務和新價格專門為您的公司形成新的獨家套餐。 我們準備將您的佣金包含在套餐價格中,或者我們可以給您一個價格,您將分別從客戶那裡獲得獎勵。這取決於你。我們可以實現這兩個選項。與我們的其他合作夥伴一起,我們以不同的方式工有了這個沒有問題。我們將根據您的選擇為您提供便利。 在烏克蘭,生殖技術絕對合法,因為該領域有一個忠誠的國家立法和最高專業水平的生殖醫學。 如果您能告訴您的哪位經理可以開始對話,我將不勝感激。 我相信你會滿意的。 尊重, ​​Sincerely, PARENTAGE.PRO *** ..... Dear colleagues, I am the Parentage.pro , Ukraine.We are engaged in a complex of services for surrogate motherhood and reproductive technologies for citizens of all countries of the world, and today as well as your company we are quite successful in this. I found information about your company on the Internet and I want to start a dialogue about cooperation. At present, we are looking for a partner company with a view to proposing your clients a surrogate motherhood program and a full range of reproductive technologies in Ukraine with our participation. We know that patients and clients address to you with the purpose to choose a surrogate mother, a donor of sperm or an egg for themselves.While they come to you with such aim, you could offer these clients to take same programs in our country.Your client will have an additional choice, and you will receive a commission from us. We are already working with several partners in this way. We provide for clients a full range of services (absolutely the whole cycle): - Solving all domestic issues - Solving legal issues - Realization of all medical tasks in our clinic - Full cycle of support and coordination For customers, there is no need to go anywhere else but us.We work in the Single-window system.We do everything that is necessary from beginning to end. Our competitive advantages are: a) The selection of surrogate mother and donor is carried out quite quickly: 2-3 working days.In complex situations, it takes about a week.Other companies in Ukraine make a selection of SM and DO average of 6 to 9 months of waiting.Customers make an advance payment and wait for a long time.Our company does it all quickly. b) Our packages at the same price with competitors include a PGD test on 24 chromosomes.Other Ukrainian companies do not have this opportunity, but they have a price like ours.This test is expensive, and in other companies the client additionally pays for it.We have included it in the package.This factor is understood by all and this is of great importance for customers - PGD24 guarantees the birth of a healthy child without additional payments. c) After the birth of the child for the period of registration of documents, clients live in separate apartments.Other companies in Ukraine offer their clients cohabitation for several families with born children in one apartment.Noise, everyday inconveniences in our service.This is important for the customer. Approximate cost of packages you can see on this link: http://parentage.pro/programs_costs Our web site contains our most popular packages.In addition to this, we are ready to create for your clients other complex infertility treatment packages according to your wishes, that is, to form new exclusive packages specially for your company with a new set of services and new prices. We are ready to include your commission in the package price or we can give you a price, and you will take your reward from the client separately.It's up to you.We can implement both options.With our other partners, we work in different ways.There are no problems with this.We will act as convenient for you, as you choose. In Ukraine, reproductive technologies are absolutely legal because there is a loyal national legislation in this field and the highest professional level of reproductive medicine. I would be grateful if you can tell me with whom of your managers we can start a dialogue. I'm sure you will be satisfied with it. ​​Sincerely, PARENTAGE.PRO ***
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