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angelena, German Surrogate Mother in Antioch, California, USA

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Surrogate Mother from Antioch, California, USA.

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Gestational, Traditional

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I would love to be able to give a parent the special gift of being a mommy and a daddy. I couldn't imagine my life without my kids. I am also trying to become a surrogate so I can be a stay at home mom. I work 40hrs a week and I dont get enough time to be with my amazing family. I would love to make both our dreams come true :)

Description of myself:

I have two Beautiful children. I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in *** earned my college degree in 3 years because I am motivated and a hard worker.I Currently work as an ABA therapist working with children with autism.Family always comes first in my life and I would do anything for my children. I eat healthy organic food and be as healthy as I can.


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Abundant Fertility, LLC, Surrogacy Agency
Commented on May 16th, 2018 03:37PM [EDT]
Looking 4 you
Its a Great Day at Abundant Fertility! I wanted to personally invite you to check us our and join us for your request for an intended parent. Being a surrogate is a great experience. I personally went through it last year and he was born this past October. I understand the emotions, stress, and amazing outcome. I would like to invite you to check out our website and if interested to fill out our enrollment packet. There is absolutely no obligation to you even if you join. Reasons to join: 1- Save you Time- Using our agency, we will coordinate all your transportation, give you the contacts and resources you needs. 2- Money- We will make sure that your money is in a safe escrow account and is given to you each month for your service. If you don’t use an agency, you may find out later down the road that the parents don’t have the money. 3-Protection- We do a background check on all parties, in addition to, we give you a lawyer at no cost to you to look over your contract with the intended parents to make sure you legal rights are protected before the journey begins. 4-Compensation and Benefits- When you use us, we guarantee that you receive all your benefits including Life insurance, clothing allowance, and more. Please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to talk to you more about it.
Surrogacy Partnership, Surrogacy Agency
Commented on November 12th, 2017 09:24PM [EDT]
Surrogacy Partnership-Brentwood, CA
Hello Angelena! My name is Jessica Busman and I am the co-founder of the surrogacy agency Surrogacy Partnership. We are located right next door to you in Brentwood, CA! We are currently looking for a CA surrogate who might be great to work with either a heterosexual couple or an intended mother we have waiting, All located in the LA Area. Both sets of parents have embryos ready to go at their Beverly Hills clinic. Please let me know if you are interested and not currently signed with an agency. As a two time surrogate myself...I understand the gift you are wanting to give. Thank you for that! I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have!
Sean, Intended Parent
Commented on September 22nd, 2017 03:28AM [EDT]
East bay couple looking for surrogate
Hello Angelena our names are Anna & Shervin we are located in Walnut Creek and are searching for the right surrogate to start our family journey.We very much liked your profile and would love to know more about you.Please contact us at *** *** *** forward to hearing from you.Thank you.
Mia, Intended Parent
Commented on September 20th, 2016 07:27PM [EDT]
Hi Angelena,
Hopefully you are available. We are a heterosexual couple happily married for years. We are looking for a GS to help us start our family. After reading your profile we feel very excited about the possibility of working with you to start our family. Besides being local we were impressed with your profile and would love to speak with you. Please contact us either via email located in the address of my general contact information or Look forward to hearing from you soon!
Sandra, Intended Parent
Commented on August 15th, 2016 12:24PM [EDT]
Swiss Aamerican Intended Parents
Hi Angelena, Would love to connect with you. We are intended parents in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm of Swiss descent and my husband is American. I cannot carry because of a cancer scare years ago that left me without a uterus. We have a healthy frozen embryo ready to find a gestational surrogate to bring him home. Do you have surrogate friendly insurance? Feel free to contact me from my profile for more information. Best, Sandra
Brenda, Intended Parent
Commented on July 27th, 2016 02:48PM [EDT]
Traditional Surrogacy
Dear Angelena, Our names are Brenda and Ben Moore.We are a 34-yr-old couple from North Liberty, Iowa.We have been married 8 years and are hoping to establish a relationship with a surrogate who is interested in helping us realize our dream of becoming parents.We came across your profile after searching through a variety of surrogacy resources over the past few months.We connected with your message which we found to be deeply heartfelt, insightful, and sincere.The specific information you provided matches the characteristics we are looking for in a surrogate. Thoughts about Surrogacy Considering the subject of surrogacy, oftentimes, people focus more on hopeful parents searching for the “right” surrogate.But what about surrogates being just as selective in selecting hopeful parents who she chooses to bless with the privilege of raising a child? I think this important piece of a surrogacy relationship is too often overlooked or thought of as a secondary issue.We believe a surrogate should choose parents who she believes will raise a child in a nurturing environment— parents who are well-informed and emotionally prepared, able to show and speak unconditional love, and provide a child with diverse life experiences that will give her/him the opportunity to realize his/her full potential.It is very important to us to share this life-changing experience with a woman who trusts that we will be excellent parents, and if she so chooses, maintain contact with us to share in the milestones and memories in our child’s life. The People We Strive To Be Those who know us best describe us as open-minded, generous, loving people.They believe we make others feel comfortable, respected, and at ease in our company.We are generous with our time and attention, and are willing to discuss anything (even highly sensitive subjects).We are always interested in learning new things from others and dedicated to self-improvement.We work hard to make ethical choices regardless of the extra time and effort involved, or the obstacles that may stand in our way.We have a strong marriage, communicate effectively with each other, and greatly enjoy each other as both partners and friends.Whether it’s traveling, having a unique culinary adventure, or seeing a musical theater production, we love experiencing things together.In decision-making, we make the effort to become informed about the issue at hand, discuss and negotiate our options as a couple, and make decisions we both feel good about.We advocate for local and state initiatives we feel strongly about including “buy local” organic food and cruelty-free products, availability of responsible and experienced complimentary health practitioners to individuals with all income levels, and community-wide educational programs. Education and Careers Ben earned his Associates degree in Applied Business Management, Bachelors in Business, and is currently completing his MBA part-time through the University of Iowa Tippie School of Business.He is employed by Toyota Financial Services, the financial branch of the Toyota car company as the manager of the Knowledge Management department.His position focuses on quality assurance and compliance.He manages a team of data analysts, computer programmers, and technical writers.He enjoys his job and Toyota has been a wonderful company to work for.They encourage a healthy work-life balance and parental involvement.His hobbies include running, photography, reading, music (trained pianist and vocalist), and volunteering with the Boys & Girls Club and our county’s 4-H Photography program. I earned my B.S.E.in Elementary Education specializing in Early Childhood and hold dual certifications and teaching licenses for newborn through Grade 6.I taught preschool, kindergarten and 4th grade before accepting a graduate program scholarship and research assistantship to the Psychological and Quantitative Foundations program in the College of Education at the University of Iowa.My graduate training included all sub-specialties of psychology, educational measurement, research methods, and statistics.I have taught Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology and Mathematics courses as a professor at public and private colleges and universities in the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids areas for 8 years.I also provide professional consultations and interventions for children with learning and/or behavioral difficulties, conduct neuropsychological testing, and hold seminars for parents who want to achieve healthier relationships with their children.Recently, I became a certified post-partum doula working on a volunteer basis.I help new parents acclimate as they return home with their newborns and learn to care for them, provide breastfeeding support, evaluate and discuss weekly developmental progress, and provide emotional support and encouragement.My hobbies include music (trained vocalist and pianist), reading, and offering free tutoring to youth and adult students. Fertility Situation I was bitten by a deer tick at the age of 11 and contracted Lyme Disease.I was very ill for 8 mos.before I received the correct diagnosis.During those 8 mos., I was transferred to 4 different hospitals, increasingly farther away from my family.The acute abdominal pain I was experiencing was addressed by keeping me on a constant high-dose IV drip of Demerol for several months.Experimental tests, procedures, and an exploratory abdominal laparoscopic surgery were performed on me without my knowledge or parental consent.The laparoscopic surgery revealed mesenteric adenitis caused by infection with Lyme spirochetes.I eventually received high-dose antibiotics and my symptoms became less severe, but did not disappear. We began pursuing adoption 4 years ago.Shortly after we applied, I began experiencing severe symptoms of Lyme Disease once again and was not able to work in any capacity.It began with intractable migraines, nerve pain and numbness down both arms into my fingers, seizures, tachycardia, difficulty word-finding when I tried to speak, and a loss of short-term memory.Very little was known about Lyme Disease when I contracted it as a child.A great deal of research has been done since then and has revealed that the health conditions and the way in which I have experienced them (timing, severity, etc.) were the result of the Lyme bacteria entering a state of dormancy in childhood, then posing another attack on the immune system later in life.The combination of all the experimentation my body was exposed to and an abnormality in my uterus that was noted in medical records but I never knew about until many years later, compromised the quality of my ova and ability to carry a fetus. I received all known available treatments for Lyme Disease in the US without any success before going to a clinic in Germany in February *** that specializes in curative treatments for Lyme Disease.I completed an intensive 5-week treatment protocol, then 3 months of at-home treatment.My treatment has been amazingly successful, and I have fully regained my health.We can now, responsibly, pursue our dream of becoming parents with the help of a surrogate later this year.In the state of Iowa, individuals diagnosed with and treated for a health condition within the past 5 years are ineligible to adopt.We have been ready to be parents for many years now, and we do not believe it is in a child’s or our best interest to wait 5 more years for the sole reason of satisfying a statute.We are in need of a traditional surrogate who is willing to do an IUI with Ben’s semen.We are willing to travel to your location for him to provide fresh samples or freeze and send them. We understand that choosing prospective parents to bless with a child takes time and careful consideration.We would be honored to communicate with you further.In the meantime, if you would like to see pictures of us, our home, and special moments we have shared, please send me a friend request on Facebook. Sincerely, Brenda and Ben Moore ***
Cecilia, Intended Parent
Commented on June 16th, 2016 07:13PM [EDT]
Cecilia, intended parent
Hi Angelena, I am so glad and excited to see your profile today, if you are interested in getting more information about my family please email me: *** and hope to receive your reply Soon!
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