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Ashley, American Surrogate Mother in Franklin, Kentucky, USA

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Surrogate Mother from Franklin, Kentucky, USA.

My Current Surrogacy Status is

Currently Working With Agency

Im Willing to Help Couples of
Heterosexual Couple, Gay Couple, Lesbian Couple, Single Woman, Single Man

I Agree to these Surrogate Types
Gestational, Traditional

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Single (no partner)

Why I want to be a surrogate mother:

To give a life after I lost someone.To give someone the Best part of adulthood, a child.No one should feel incomplete

Description of myself:

I am a people pleasing, happiness seeking young mom.I am the type who spends hours on that perfect Christmas gift, just the look ad feeling it gives.I live on my daughter's smiles and hugs.I pride myself on my personality, and work ethic.I love football, video games, naps and arts and crafts and fort bilding with my kids.I'm a giver, mean cook, silly jokeing person, and a great counciling kind of friend.My worst habbit is talking to much, and giving people to much...To much faith, too many second/tenth chances, giving up what I need to help.Also, video games and music are my I need addictions.

My letter to intended parents:

If anyone is still searching I would love to take time to talk and see if we are the right match for one another.Take a moment to really read, and feel my letter. I apologize for the last post/letter, as I type this I am getting ready for work, Early start as we have an order that was due to be picked up today, Monday at 12 noon.Someone goofed that and that order was never done, and we had a four day weekend.So busy day today I work in a factory packaging materials. Insight info on me before I leave for work; I am 26, I have three healthy girls.Three healthy pregnancies too boot.I am in online collage to be a nurse (doing core, classes as my spelling and grammatical need work at the moment) Now would be the ideal time for me to suro, as my two eldest kids 3 & 4 are with their dad for a year.We do year on year off with tons of visiting, until our girls are of school age.That way they get the most with both sides of family, holidays and all.No disagreement over taxes or child support it anything.Aside from the sad time away, its worked for us. After their dad and I had been split II found a great man got engaged and later pregnant with my third child, this man was wonderful.But sadly he passed away, three months ago.His passing has been hard, but now I want to make it positive and give life after he lost his.I want no family to feel like there is someone missing like I feel.And I know this would be a miracle, not just for the family/person looking but for myself.This will help me just as much as the family. A gift to me, would be chosen for this. I am drug ad drinking free, and what I mean Truthfully is the strongest "drug" I've done, is A- painkillers when prescription after tooth surgery and after birth with one child. And I tried pot at 16 with the eyeof my mom and with my brother.I do not like my realty alterd, I don't even like drinking to get drunk.I do drink once in a while I'll have a drink with a friend or beer on Superbowl Sunday or new year's if I choose to.I have no heath issues, aside from need for glasses and a higher heart rate that your average bear but no heart problems.I'm young,fit, and short.I have a silly personally, and I show myself through my kids,job, and tattoos that can be covered for work. My dream prior to kids was to be a traveling Nurse, not have a house but a new destination where ever I was needed, and to do one surro pregnancy.Now my dream is to be a great mom, be a nurse at Vanderbilt Hospital, have a log house on some land and be a country girl with a big family, and a man to share it with when that time comes,and still become a surrogate mother. A little houmer and truth about my pregnancies? (There are funny, sweet and silly moments that I'd love to share.But this one is relavante to a suro moms bio) My first pregnancy, flew by she was beautiful and healthy.Born Feb 14th *** you know the doctor tells all moms to wait before engagement in sexul activities Mommy just grew another human, time to heal....well four weeks after laber we had such romantic day we did not wait.I then was pregnant again. All my drs put me on bedrest for fear of issues, with being pregnant so darnd soon.After week 12 things were still amazing and healthy, off of bed rest and I worked the whole remaining time of pregnancy..I have two kids just ten months apart, rare Irish twins. And after all pregnancies I went back to work in three weeks.I also breast fed/ pumped. If I am chosen my only wish is (tho open contact with the parent/parents, would be prefered, even visits with the child no matter what you choose to tell them i am to them would besweet too) but i would wish to see photos with an update every year or so, but most of all, even if it's a closed no contact after, I want to be able to send baby breast milk breast milk able to begiven new baby through wet Nurse, or milk drive. Sorry I'm rambling I am telling all I'd want to know, if it was me looking. Hope that covered all major bases. Oh also willing to travel, as much or little.Will even relocate I have a set in stone work schedule.Never work holidays or weekends, *** pm always.Unless there is a huge mess up emergency like that day my hrs never change.


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Abundant Fertility, LLC, Surrogacy Agency
Commented on May 17th, 2018 01:54PM [EDT]
Looking 4 you
Its a Great Day at Abundant Fertility! I wanted to personally invite you to check us our and join us for your request for an intended parent. Being a surrogate is a great experience. I personally went through it last year and he was born this past October. I understand the emotions, stress, and amazing outcome. I would like to invite you to check out our website and if interested to fill out our enrollment packet. There is absolutely no obligation to you even if you join. Reasons to join: 1- Save you Time- Using our agency, we will coordinate all your transportation, give you the contacts and resources you needs. 2- Money- We will make sure that your money is in a safe escrow account and is given to you each month for your service. If you don’t use an agency, you may find out later down the road that the parents don’t have the money. 3-Protection- We do a background check on all parties, in addition to, we give you a lawyer at no cost to you to look over your contract with the intended parents to make sure you legal rights are protected before the journey begins. 4-Compensation and Benefits- When you use us, we guarantee that you receive all your benefits including Life insurance, clothing allowance, and more. Please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to talk to you more about it.
Nancie , Intended Parent
Commented on March 28th, 2017 02:50AM [EDT]
Hi I'm ready to have a baby please respond Nancie 😎
Allisa, Intended Parent
Commented on March 22nd, 2017 10:52PM [EDT]
Would love to talk to you.
Hello Ashley, we would love to talk about you helping us have a baby. We are in northern Ky, near Cincinnati. Look me up on social media! Hope to hear from you soon! Allisa Allen
Nancie , Intended Parent
Commented on March 16th, 2017 12:49AM [EDT]
Traditional surrogate
Hi iam looking for an traditional surrogate pls respond Nancie
Nancie , Intended Parent
Commented on March 13th, 2017 10:58PM [EDT]
Traditional Surrogate
Hi iam looking for a traditional surrogate pls respond Nancie
Justin, Intended Parent
Commented on January 27th, 2017 02:11AM [EDT]
Please contact me
I am very interested in discussing things with you more. Now a little about me. I am 37 year old single male. I have worked as a foster parent for the past 10 years. I had always hoped to find a baby to adopt through the foster care system but that never worked out. I have had 40+ kids in the 10 years. Some of the kids stayed for years and aged out of the system with me and others just stayed with me until they could be reunited with their families. I took guardianship of some of the boys and even tried to adopt a few. I am ready to have another child but would love the experience of raising a child from birth up. I work in Real Estate and have a huge family which will be a great support. I know a baby will be a lot of work but also know it will be worth it.
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