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Summer, American Surrogate Mother in Humble, Texas, USA

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Surrogate Mother from Humble, Texas, USA.

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Why I want to be a surrogate mother:

I want to be a surrogate mother because I was born without fallopian tubes (I can carry a child with no complications and I have ovaries) so I understand what it is like to not be able to have a child naturally and I want to do what I can to help a loving family get to be parents to a beautiful child.

Description of myself:

I would describe myself as kind-hearted, organized, driven, and slightly shy.

My letter to intended parents:

I believe working with me would be a special surrogate mother situation because I know what you are going through and I know the importance of carrying your child and how important it is to you to have a child. I want to give great parents like you all the opportunity to be blessed with a sweet baby.


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Abundant Fertility, LLC, Surrogacy Agency
Commented on April 29th, 2018 10:54AM [EDT]
Searching for You
Its a Great Day at Abundant Fertility! I wanted to personally invite you to check us our and join us for your request for an intended parent. Being a surrogate is a great experience. I personally went through it last year and he was born this past October. I understand the emotions, stress, and amazing outcome. I would like to invite you to check out our website and if interested to fill out our enrollment packet. There is absolutely no obligation to you even if you join. Reasons to join: 1- Save you Time- Using our agency, we will coordinate all your transportation, give you the contacts and resources you needs. 2- Money- We will make sure that your money is in a safe escrow account and is given to you each month for your service. If you don’t use an agency, you may find out later down the road that the parents don’t have the money. 3-Protection- We do a background check on all parties, in addition to, we give you a lawyer at no cost to you to look over your contract with the intended parents to make sure you legal rights are protected before the journey begins. 4-Compensation and Benefits- When you use us, we guarantee that you receive all your benefits including Life insurance, clothing allowance, and more. Please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to talk to you more about it.
Veronica, Intended Parent
Commented on March 23rd, 2018 05:28PM [EDT]
This is veronica from Austin Texas
How can I contact you??
Jennifer, Surrogate Mother
Commented on January 12th, 2018 03:33PM [EDT]
Physician Surrogacy Reproductive Medical Science Center
Hello, my name is Jennifer Williams, I am from Bakersfield, CA, I work for Physician Surrogacy Reproductive Medical Science Center in San Diego, CA.And I am a Surrogate and Egg Donor Advocate, for the company.I also am a gestational surrogate, that is why I am on this site.If you go to my profile, it list me as a Surrogate Mother, here in Bakersfield, CA, looking for families to work with.But also felt the need to advocate as well for my company, which is why I am commenting on your profile.Are you currently working with someone or an agency? If not, our company is a great company to come under, and work for.We match people, with intended parents, very quickly.And we offer our gestational surrogates and egg donors, great compensation, privacy/anonymity, and benefits.The only requirements, is you have to be for a gestational surrogate, because that is what we are looking for right now, is gestational surrogates from the age of 21-37 years, BMI of 30 or less, Resident of CA, CO, TX, NV, or OR, non smoker, had at least one child, within the last 5 years, no premature births, no convictions of felonies, employed or unemployed are welcomed, these are the requirements for gestational surrogates.Compensation for gestational surrogates is *** - *** if you are interested in being a egg donor, the requirements are a little different, including the process, but if you are interested in working as a egg donor, than you must be between the ages of 19-29 years of age, BMI of 28 or less, non smoker, no convictions or felonies, present a healthy lifestyle, and person in the US can apply or country, Pre-sceening and Retrievals are done at the San Diego, CA office, All monitoring appointments, are held locally in the city where you live you.Compensation is *** and up to *** per year! If you feel you meet these criteria's ,list above, please message me, I would be happy to point you in the right direction, and get you working with our agency.FYI, the only reason, I am not working with my own agency, as a Surrogate, is because, my youngest child, is 9 years old, getting ready to turn 10 years old, next year.So that is like almost 10 years, since I had a kid, so that is why, our company wants recent birth, that is not that old, like for example pregnancies that occurred 5 years or less.So if you meet these criteria's please message me, as I said before, I would love to help point you in the right direction, and get you working.
Elcheka, Intended Parent
Commented on December 18th, 2017 12:02AM [EDT]
I want to be Mother
Hi Amber, My name is Elcheka Wallace from Houston Texas. My husband and I are looking for a surrogate mother to help complete our family. I'm not able to get pregnant because I have heart problems. I also experienced a tubal ligation that lowered my chances of getting pregnant significantly, We have been trying for 4 yrs, and we have had no luck. We are hoping that you can help by being a surrogate mother for us. My husband and I are God fearing people who will make loving parents one day. We believe that faith and persistence can bring about great blessings. We also believe having a child is the greatest blessing a couple can experience in this lifetime. Please pray to God and ask him for the holy spirit to help you decide if you should help us bring another precious life into this world. Thank you, and bless you for the sacrifices you are making to bring other families happiness. Thanks!!
Summer, Surrogate Mother
Commented on November 10th, 2017 03:30PM [EDT]
Why i want to becomeyour surrogate
My name is Summer Rose.I am 23 years old and in June of *** found out I was born without fallopian tubes.I have a uterus and I can carry a child with no complications I, myself, just can't conceive naturally.Due to this complication in my life, I have the understanding of how it feels to not be able to have a child.This is the reason I want to become a surrogate mother.I want people who wish to have a child and be good parents to be able to.In the future I do plan to branch out and do IVF myself, however, for now I would like to focus on college and help out families who have similar situations as me.