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Danielle, Surrogate Mother in Saint George, Utah, USA

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Surrogate Mother from Saint George, Utah, USA.

My Current Surrogacy Status is

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Why I want to be a surrogate mother:

I knew I wanted to be a surrogate the first time I heard about it, if i could give someone else the most wonderful gift in the world, how can I not?

Description of myself:

Hello, I am a 30 year old mother with three children of my own and have also given birth to one surrogate baby.All of my pregnancies and births have been uncomplicated and relatively easy.I am seeking a married couple (state law requires this) that wants an open relationship and is interested in building a relationship.I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you better.- Healthy BMI - Smoke, alcohol and drug free - Stable, loving relationship - Reduction or termination is IP's choice - Surrogate friendly state - 4 live vaginal births, all uncomplicated - Surrogate friendly health insurance with no premiums or out of pocket

My letter to intended parents:

Hello, Where do I start? How do I approach a couple I am interested in carrying a child for? Well, I guess I'll start with the basics; I am a 30 year old mother with three of children of my own and a beautiful little surrogate girl.I married my husband almost 7 years ago after we had been together for 4 years; we just bought our first house together and are very happy where we are at in life.I have known I wanted to be a surrogate for more then a decade, ever since I heard a documentary style story on the radio, but I also knew that I should finish my own family first, just in case.So I spent the next decade research surrogacy and finishing my family. After I had my son and finished weaning him, I began to look into surrogacy in earnest and eventual met a couple through an in state fertility clinic and we completed an independent journey.I know that going indy for a first journey can be scary and intimidating, but I was confident in my knowledge of surrogacy, my support system of family and other surrogates, and my legal team.We did your first transfer and implanted two blastocysts and I carried and delivered one healthy baby girl.I have health insurance through my employer that not only has no surrogacy exclusions, but also has no premiums for anyone to worry about; my last pregnancy (the surrogate) cost about $43 total after insurance.I do not smoke, take drugs, only drink very rarely (maybe twice a year when not pregnant or nursing, of course), have a healthy BMI, a history of uncomplicated pregnancies and labors, no criminal history and a clean bill of health.I am a firm believer that reduction or termination of a pregnancy is a decision only the parents of a child can make, so that is completely in your hands.The only exception to that, for me, is reduction or termination based solely on gender and in the event of triplets; I feel the risk to the fetuses and myself is too great, so I am only willing to carry a singleton or twins.On to your questions, as I said all my pregnancies are easy, my worst complaint has always been heartburn, but that is easily manageable.All three of my babies came with 3 day of their due date, my little surrogate baby was my earliest, born at 38 week and 6 days and oddly enough, she was also the biggest so far, weighing in at a whooping 9 pounds 3 ounces! I have given birth 3 times without any type of pain medication at all, once even with pitocin (Ouch!).As for what I want out of another journey, I want to see the joy in your face as you welcome your baby into the world, I want to get to know my IP's and I would love and feel honored to welcome them into my extended family.As for financially, as a second time surrogate that has health insurance that covers all pregnancy related expenses except a few co-pay, which will literally save you thousands (seriously, I surrogate friend of mine just got her bill and after insurance her IP's owed over *** Crazy), I am asking for *** plus normal extras such as monthly comp in lieu of itemized expenses.Ideally, my IP's will be able to spend as much time as possible close by, to experience the pregnancy birth and after to adjust.It is my firm belief that this is your pregnancy; you should be able to attend any amount of doctor visits and such as possible.If you feel would like to talk more and to get to know me a little better, please feel free to contact me for more information. Have a great day, Danielle

Saint George

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Macy, Intended Parent
Commented on September 27th, 2016 03:13PM [EDT]
Looking for a surrogate Mother in St.George
Hey Danielle! My husband and I are currently looking for a surrogate mother.I saw that you are in St.George and would love to have a surrogate that is near by so we can be as involved as possible in the pregnancy process.I would love to chat with you. forward to hearing from you.❤️ Macy
Mrs, Intended Parent
Commented on July 9th, 2015 06:30PM [EDT]
Hello from Las Vegas
Hi Danielle! We a married couple from Las Vegas, NV & we'd like to talk to you if you're still available.my email is *** you!
The Genesis Group, Surrogacy Agency
Commented on June 7th, 2015 08:01PM [EDT]
Hi Danielle ! Hope you are having a great week! I came across your profile and thought your profile looked great! =) May I ask if you are still looking to be a surrogate, and if you are available to start the process right away? I work with an agency, The Genesis Group, and have a long-waiting list of Intended Parents looking for a surrogate right now.These parents have gone through so much in their pursuit of having a child of their own, and are willing to give anything to make this dream come true.There are no words for the measure of love and dedication these parents already have! It is why we love what we do! Assuming all your screenings went well, we would love to get started on trying to get you matched.At our agency, we pride ourselves in the relationships we develop with both the Intended Parents, as well as our Surrogates.It is quite an amazing gift you'd be part of, and we would do everything possible to take care of all your needs.Some are uneasy about the idea of using an agency due to some bad experiences.Using our agency versus doing it yourself ensures that you are represented and taken care of properly.With our agency, we'd be with you every step of the way.We offer a generous Benefit Package, which includes medical insurance coverage, monthly allowances, and of course, making sure all your expenses ( Ex: food, clothes, medications...), travel fees, etc.are all covered.Even after the delivery, we will still be there for you to sort through the medical bills and any other matters.We are available at all times, even weekends, for any immediate needs you may have.Also, by using our agency, you could rest assured that the Intended Parents have gone through extensive screening as well.This means that you can be confident you are helping bring a baby into a wonderful home! If you are interested in being matched right away and would like to know more about our agency and the next steps you'd be looking at, please contact me.I would love to set up a phone consultation with you if you are willing and able to talk.Is there a number and day/time I can reach you at? I look forward to hearing from you and getting you matched right away! =) Warm Regards, Jennifer Dominguez Surrogacy x *** mobile
Pink & Blue Surrogacy & Fertility, Surrogacy Agency
Commented on June 7th, 2015 01:10PM [EDT]
Interested in Talking!
Hi Danielle! I'd love to talk with you if are open - we have a waiting set of IP's that might be a great match for you based on what I've read above.Please email me
wo, Intended Parent
Commented on June 6th, 2015 04:21AM [EDT]
seeking GS help
Hello Danielle, How are you? We are childless couple sincerely looking for surrogate help.Have been in a stable marriage over 10 years.Well educated, healthy, fit and financially stable.We have tried 10 years but no good luck with my egg and uterus.We have normal donor embryos in a clinic in California.We have everything ready just need a surrogate help.I have done a lot research for surrogacy.We are sincerely looking forward to talking to you for a match at a good time when you are ready.Hope to hear from you. Thank you!
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